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DLP-ALC-LIGHTCRAFTER-SDK: Asking technical information about LightCrafter and DLP660TE DMD and EVM

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Hi, I want to know if there is any possibility to adapt the LightCrafter to 4K DLP660TE DMD. I am planning to use it with UV light source from 365 to 405 nm. If possible, the optics of the system also must be redefined to achieve the desired resolution and use under UV light condition. In case LightCrafter cannot be adapted, can I use DLP660TE EVM kit to develop a customized projector with the same characteristics? It is not clear to me if DLP660TE DMD are prepared for UV light projection. Thank you. 

  • Hello User.

    Welcome to the DLP section of the TI-E2E community. 

    Please be aware that this DMD is NOT designed for the range that you wish to use it, and will have no warranty.

    Please refer to the Recommended Operating Conditions table on page 13 of the DLP660TE 0.66 4K UHD DMD datasheet for information on illumination wavelengths.


  • Hi, thank you for your answer. I went through the table of the datasheet and it seems that the operation power of the ilumination source is limited in case it is used under UV conditions below 395 to 2 mW/cm2 max. If I used under this operation power, how is affected the life time of the DMD? Thank you. 


  • Hello Gastón,

    If you are below the 2 mW/cm2, and remain in the prescribed temperature range, the affect on life-time should be negligible, 

    What are you attempting to make, that may help in advising you further.


  • Hello Fizix,

                     Thank you for your answer. I am attempting to make a light engine with an illumination source of 405 nm.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Gastón,

    If you keep the the illumination in the "VIS" range then you need to focus on your thermal solution to keep the DMD cool enough.  There is also a note that the VIS range "supports video applications only" - in other words the expectation is that not all of the power will be at 395 nm, but rather a fairly typical video RGB distribution of wavelengths, optical power, and exposure times.