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DLP3010EVM-LC: some questions of DLP3010+DLPC3478+DLPA3000

Part Number: DLP3010EVM-LC
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLP3010, DLPC3478, DLPA2005, DLPA3000,

Since TI's EVM is not strong enough for DLP3010+DLPC3478+DLPA2005, I want to change the LED driver chip to DLPA3000 to achieve a larger light intensity.

However, in the process of development, it was found that GPIO7 pin was reused, DLPA3000 needs LAB_OUT_SAMPLE, and GPIO7 needs to be used as trigger out 2 function, so how to connect the pin, or only one function can be satisfied.

In addition, I learned that dlp3010evm-lc firmware is designed for DLPC3478+DLPA2005 program.Meanwhile, TI provides firmware for DLPC3478+DLPA3000 solution. How can I get firmware that matches my solution?

  • Hello,

    The LABB functionality on GPIO_07 is actually not supported. Therefore you should feel free to use it for the trigger out 2 functionality. 

    We will be able to provide you firmware when you are at the point it is needed. We would need to know the chipset combination (which you provided above), along with the DMD pin mapping option you are using.



  • Dear Kyle

    Thanks for your reply.But I still have some questions.

    1. Is the ACMP_RLABB_SAMPLE pin of DLPA3000 suspended or connected to other GPIO?

    2. The time point you mentioned means that my hardware is ready?

    3. I didn't make any changes to the DMD pin mapping option.It is identical to DLP3010EVM-LC reference design.I can post  the schematic for you if necessary.

    4.How can i get the firmware from TI?email or the forum?


    Best regards,


  • Hi User,

    For your application you can leave ACMP_RLABB_SAMPLE unconnected.

    The time point means we will provide you the firmware, when you are ready with the hardware. Please share the schematic in personal message (i am sending you the friend request on e2e) , I will review the schematic.

    we will share you the firmware in personal message on e2e.



  • Hi Navneet

    Thank you for reply.

    I will share the schematic in personal message on e2e.

    Thank you very much.