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DLP9500: Capturing Diffraction Orders

Part Number: DLP9500

Are there best practices in capturing multiple diffractive orders when using a DMD with a collimated source in a system with high demagnification? For the projection case, it seems straightforward to use a larger optic to ensure we are capturing more than the central order(per existing TI apps notes), but in the case of de-magnification, wouldn't the angular divergence of the various diffraction orders cause potential blurring of pixels at the image plane?


  • Hello Hunter,

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    This should not affect the image of the pixel.  You can convince yourself of this by imagining a uniform cone of light that fills your optical aperture.  In this case you should be able to re-image the pixel at the focal plane.  Of course the f# will affect the depth of field.  Now simply insert a mask at the lens aperture with holes where diffraction orders would be.  They will still re-converge to the same image.

    Although diffraction orders are a coherency effect, they are not extraordinary rays, they still the optical rules like any other ray.  they only restrict what rays will get through (like the mask with holes in it)

    I hope this helps.