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DLPC200: Removing lens from DLP LightCommander and sending images over HDMI cable

Part Number: DLPC200


I know that the LightCrafter has been discontinued but I need a bit of help as I am planning to use it in a project. The first issue is how do I remove the lens from the lens mount? I had no issues attaching and securing the lens but I am not really able to remove it. (Well I figured this one out later)

Secondly, I am connecting the LightCommander using an HDMI cable and I want to use it as a regular projector but I am not able to do it. It just shows me a checkerboard pattern. 

Any help will be really appreciated.

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  • Hello Shirsendu,

    Welcome to the DLP section of the TI-E2E forums.

    Do I understand you found the little metalic button to depress to release the lens?  It is sort of a pain.

    To switch it to HDMI input you need the original LogicPD GUI software that came with the kit.  Also be aware that it can only receive XGA input.  It is not like a monitor that can receive and scale many resolutions.  That software is not available from TI and LogicPD no longer offers it.  


  • Hi Fizix,

    Thank you for your prompt reply. That is indeed very sad regarding the software. Is there any workaround for operating the projector using HDMI? 


  • Hello again Hirsendu,

    You could write a small C(++) program that calls the DLL and puts it into HDMI mode.

    The details are in the Programmer's Guide for the DLPC200.  I just did not know if that was in the scope of you skill set is or not.  Considering your use case, I figured it probably was not, but you never know.

    IF you are interested, the Programmer's Guide is here:

    The only difficulty may be that the dll may be part of the installation package that is no longer available.


  • Hi Fizix,

    Thank you for your reply. I installed the API, firmware, and USB driver. I found only these 3 files: PortabilityLayer.h, PortabilityLayer.dll, and PortabilityLayer.lib. The DLPcommDLL.dll is missing which I think is created only if I install the control software.

    Also, I tried modifying the C file StatusDriverC to switch to DVI connection and complied freshly on Microsoft VS. It does not compile giving me the error: ERROR - cannot communicate with the selected USB device.
    This makes sense as I think the communication .dll is missing. So, if this dll file is not available, I cannot proceed I think. Am I right?



  • Hello Shirsendu,

    I take it that whoever had the kit before, did not preserve the software.  This is a fairly old platform.  I don't know if it is possible to find the software anywhere.