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DLPDLCR4710EVM-G2: ERROR: At DLPDLCR4710EVM-G1 Hardware Platform,Change DMD to the newer DLP4710A from DLP4710, because dlp4710 is discontinued sales

Part Number: DLPDLCR4710EVM-G2
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLP4710, , DLPC3439, DLP4710LC, DLPC3479, DLPA3005

Hi TI 

I am an engineer from Wintech BJ

We have been friendly and cooperative with TI for many years

We encountered a problem in the DLPDLCR4710EVM-G1 product

We developed a DLP4710 opto-mechanical device in 2016, refering to TI’s DLPDLCR4710EVM-G1 design(TI has not yet launched the DLPDLCR4710EVM-G2 solution.)

Unfortunate things happened

We just produced 200 sets of DLP4710 equipment recently,But the purchased DMD model is DLP4710A instead of the original DLP4710

DMD cannot project pictures unfortunately,

The equipment works normally, if the DMD is changed from DLP4710A to DLP4710

Finally, we are positioning the problem caused by the new model of DMD

We are sure that the problem is caused by the incompatibility between the firmware version of DLPC3439 and the DMD model

the information

1、The Original information

1.1、Hardware : Designed from DLPDLCR4710EVM-G1 not DLPDLCR4710EVM-G2

1.2、Software :DLPC3439-Firmware-v1.0.0-2015-06-26.bin, downloaded from TI at 2016

1.3、DMD : DLP4710 not DLP4710A

1.4、the devices work well and Sell well

2、Now Change to DLP4710A 

2.1、Just changed DMD to DLP4710A from DLP4710, No other changes, including the firmware, still the older version,DLPC3439-Firmware-v1.0.0-2015-06-26.bin

2.2、 unfortunately,DLP4710A DMD cannot project pictures,As shown below

3、Upgrade firmware

3.1、Experiment on the DLPDLCR4710EVM-G1 (DMD has been changed to DLP4710A from DLP4710) platform to eliminate hardware problems,It can ensure that the DMD operation is replaced correctly

3.2、Then, I downloaded the DLP LightCrafter 4710 Gen2 Firmware,the latest v7.3.2 ,from TI DLP LightCrafter 4710 Gen2 Firmware,

3.3、I can not find and download DLPDLCR4710EVM-G1 firmware at

3.6、Then I downloaded and installed the latest GUI,DLPLCRD-GUI V7.4, tried to update firmware again. Encountered a new problem can not read EVM type

3.7、I thought it was caused by the incompatibility between the GUI and the firmware version. then I tried to update firmware by using other GUI, But the result is the same, neither can flash the firmware

3.8、I tried to use 4710LC GUI to burn the firmware by the way.I have just completed the development of the DLP4710LC (DLPC3479+DLP4710LC) project. It is progressing smoothly and the equipment is working normally,Luckily, the firmware can be burned. 


B、DMD : DLP4710A

C、Firmware : the latest DLPDLCR4710EVM-G2 firmware V7.3.2  

D、GUI:the latest DLP4710LC GUI DLP4710LC

3.9、The firmware is finally successfully burned.The unfortunate thing continues.DLP4710A DMD cannot project pictures normally, the above problem occurs, the picture at the beginning of the article

4、Firmware Selector

4.1、tried other firmware from TI PICO firmware selector

4.2、downloaded and updated FWSel_DLPC3439_DLPA3005_pm2_i2c0x36_v7p7p0.img from the below configuration, As a result, dmd still cannot project pictures

4.2、downloaded and updated FWSel_DLPC3439_DLPA3005_pm1_i2c0x36_v7p7p0.img from the below configuration, As a result, dmd still cannot project pictures

5、problem analysis

5.1、To be sure, all the above firmware is for the G2 hardware platform, not the G1 platform

5.2、The hardware of G2 and G1 must be different

5.3、The G2 firmware cannot be programmed into the G1 hardware, and it cannot run normally on the G1 platform

My questions :

1、The firmware of DLPDLCR4710EVM-G2 cannot be burned to DLPDLCR4710EVM-G1 hardware.Yes or No? (I don’t have DLPDLCR4710EVM-G2 hardware, so I can’t verify)

2、I want to know how the GUI gets the incompatibility between EVM and firmware?How does the GUI know whether the EVM is G1 or G2?

3、CY7C65215 configuration,is different at G2 from G1?

My final goal:

1、A new firmware can work well at DLPDLCR4710EVM-G1 + DLP4710A DMD hardware platform

2、and the firmware can worke well at no  3 LEDs (in the 3D printer APP just using external UV LED, no use DLPA3005 LED driver)     

emergency rescue:

1、Please TI help find a solution

2、Although I know that G1 has been discontinued and TI is no longer supporting, I still ask TI to help reproduce the phenomenon and use composer to make a new firmware

3、I have no choice. The equipment developed based on G1 has been produced, and DLP4710 DMD is also not available, so this problem can only be solved through software.

Thank you very much

I look forward to your reply