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DLP2000: Need Hi/Lo speed interface protocol for control the DLP2000 chip with FPGA

Part Number: DLP2000
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLPC2607, , DLPC3470, DLP2010

Hi, I'm working with a project that wants to use the micromirrors to dynamically display a pattern sequence, but I cannot find a detailed description of either the high speed or the low-speed interface protocol. Could someone tell me where to find those protocols?

I find that most of the solutions use the DLPC2607 but we find it not suitable for our project, and we prefer to use a very small CPLD to communicate with the DLP2000 directly.
A brief description of our project:
1. We try to build a very compact device that can project mono-color laser patterns so that we would use as few components as possible for keeping it small.
2. We use a mono-color laser as the light source and only project binary 0-1 patterns, but want a high refresh frequency, so it seems that the Parallel I/F of 24 bit RGB on DLPC2607 is redundant in our project.
3. We need to produce a sync signal for triggering other devices when a new frame is projected, we decided to communicate with the DLP2000 with a CPLD and output the trigger pulse from that
4. The pattern sequence is pre-designed and we decided to load it from the built-in FLASH memory inside the CPLD.

  • Hello ID9502,

    Welcome to the E2E forums, and thanks for your interest in our DLP technology.

    The DLP2000 (and other DLP DMDs) must be controlled by the associated DLP controller (you cannot interface with them directly) to work properly. Given your application, it sounds like you are looking for precise control of the DMD mirror patterns. Because the DLP2000 is part of a display chipset, such control is not possible.

    If you want 1:1 control of the individual micromirrors to project binary patterns, you will need to use one of the Light Control chipsets (which is a separate family of devices from the Display chipsets). The chipset closest to the DLP2000 with this sort of light control functionality would be the DLP2010-LC chipset (along with the DLPC3470 controller):

    These chipset allow you to configure 1-bit or 8-bit patterns for internal or external streaming. In your case, you can use the internal pattern streaming mode for high-speed pattern display without a video source. The maximum pattern rate with this chipset is 2500 Hz (1-bit patterns) or 360 Hz (8-bit patterns). Support for input and output triggers (such as for a camera) is provided as well. A GUI software accompanies the EVM for this chipset to help you get started programming your patterns:

    I hope this helps.


    Philippe Dollo

  • Thanks a lot , I will evaluate the applicability of DLP2010 in our project