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dlp lightcrafter 6500 question

we are using dlp lightcrafter when i am connecting the display part with the board its not communicating each other.the board is showing powered and green light is blinking. But the board is not communicating with the display part.  also the GUI is responding to the board。

thanks a lot.

  • Hi,

    Is it the first time hardware is used? or Every thing was working proper and now you are facing issue.

    Please share images of GUI, EVM, DMD board, Flex cable.

  • Hi,

    thank you.I will try to get above information and show to you .

    thanks again.

  • I am attching some of the pictires of the DMD module...including the display,control board and the GUI after connected to power supply for your inspection.
    The control board and GUI is communicating properly...But the display module is not responding .
    I tried to connect a spare display module that was with me.But that is also not working after connecting to this control board.
    DLP display [DLP 6500 FYE] - s/no: 5159386 / 58Z61JA 070104E
    DLP board - 9325 / T65-0416-0268
    connector: amphenol intercon system (rev4) P/N : 8394-001 , date code : 0601601

  • Hi  Zhonghui,

    I am not able to see GUI status clearly. Please take screenshot of GUI and share it.

    When you say display module not responding, is nothing displayed on the DMD.
    From when you are facing this issue. Was display board working properly before.

    Can you display any internal test patterns like Checkerboard and  see if test patterns are displayed properly.

    Have you tried replacing Flex cable and see if problem still exists.

    You can also try deleting the "FlashLoaderCache" folder from the Firmware installation location (C:\Texas Instruments-DLP\DLPR900PROM-5.0.1\DLPR900PROM-6500-v5.0.1) and upload the Firmware (DLPR900PROM-6500-v5.0.1-OOB) again to check if Internally stored patterns are continuously displayed on the DMD.


    thank you for your reply.

    i got serval clearly picture.please check it.

    today I checked the GUI and found that the instrument is switching to standby mode from normal mode after connected to GUI.

    thanks a lot.

    Best regards,

  • Hi  Zhonghui,

    Looking at the GUI status, It is clear that Controller is not able to communicate with DMD.

    Please check if Flex Cable between controller and DMD board is proper and connected tightly.
    Make sure DMD is sitting on its holder properly.
    You can also check replacing 12v power supply.

    If you have spare DMD board or Flex cable, replace them and check.

    I can also see you are using older firmware version.
    Update to latest firmware and test.