DLP6500FLQ: Reflectance, pixel shape, Micro-Manager 2.0gamma

Part Number: DLP6500FLQ
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLPC900, DLPR900, DLPLCRC900EVM, DLP6500FYE, DLPLCR65EVM

Dear TI,

We would like to use this device (DLP6500FLQ) for the wavelength of 405 nm. What does the DMD reflectance reach for this wavelength?

If I understand correctly, pixels have the shape of a square and not a diamond. Thank you for your confirmation.

Lastly, I would like to know if this device is compatible with Micro-Manager 2.0 gamma software.

Best regards,
Jiří Junek

  • Hello Jiří,

    Effective reflectivity is very system dependent.  The DLP6500FLQ data sheet has general numbers. please see page 20 of the datasheet where it shows 68% efficiency in the 400 nm - 420 nm range.  The table note 10 show the assumptions used for this value.

    Page 25 of the data sheet confirms that the mirrors are orthogonal (square) and not rotated 45 degrees (i.e. diamond).

    The only DMD device I see listed in the Micro-Manager 2.0 software is the Discovery 4000 which is no longer made.  It was replaced by the Discovery 4100, but it does not control the DLP6500FLQ device.  It looks like you would have to contribute your own control code for the DLPC900 controller to the Open Source Project for this DMD.


  • Thank You!

    Am I need to order any additional components like a controller etc.?

    What is the difference between DLP6500FLQ and DLP6500BFLQ?
    Thank You many times!

    Best regards,

  • Hello again Jiří,

    There was an improvement in the DMD & internal circuitry.  You will need to have FW v4.0.0 or later to run this pixel correctly but it is backward compatible with the previous DMDs.  Also the matching Software (SW) is version 5.0.0 or later.  Both of these can be found here:

    - FW:  https://www.ti.com/tool/DLPR900 

    - SW:  https://www.ti.com/tool/DLPLCRC900DEVM#tech-docs 

    Also there is a note about updated power down requirements in section 6.7.2 of the latest DLPC900 data sheet.


  • Dear Fizix,

    Sorry, I am quite new to the topic. If I order DLP6500FLQ, will I receive controller DLPR900 or DLPLRC900DEVM automatically or do I have to do extra order for DLP6500FLQ and for the controller?

    Thank you,

  • Hello Jiri,

    If you are specifically wanting the TypeA 6500 [DLP6500FLQ] then you may want to look at: 


    If the non-A package works you can order the DLPLCRC900EVM &  DLPLCR65EVM.  This EVM comes with the DLP6500FYE DMD.  You do not need to order a separate DMD.  Note that you listed the DLPLCRC900DEVM which is a dual controller EVM and will not work with the 6500 DMDs.


  • Hello Fizix,

    OK, let's make it clear to me with the final question.
    If I order DLP6500BFLQ from the link below, will I get the controller automatically?


    Thank you.
    Best regards,

  • Hello Jiri,

    I am sorry, but this is just the DMD.  The part you list does NOT have a DMD board with cables and does NOT come with the controller board.

    Please check this page --> https://www.ti.com/product/DLP6500FYE#design-development 

    There are listings for alternatives.  TI.com does not have a DMD board for the DLP6500BFLQ but some of our parterns (like Dli) do.

    You can buy the DLPLCRC900EVM (single DLPC900 controller board) although it is currently out of stock on ti.com.  Some of out partners do have some boards.

    You will need to buy a DMD, a DMD board with flex cables, and a controller board.  Usually you can get a DMD/DMD board with flex as one item from some of our partners.  Then you will also need a Single DLPC900 controller board. 


  • Hi Fizix,

    This could be fine https://www.ti.com/product/DLP6500FYE#design-development.
    But we are looking for something reasonable for wavelength 405 nm.

    Can I buy a DMD at a TI store that is already connected to the controller and works for a wavelength of 405 nm at least as much as the DLP6500FLQ?

    Best regards,

  • Hi Jiri,

    Nice to meet you. It looks like the controller board is available to order - the DLPLCRC900EVM - but that the DMD board is currently out of stock. The team is working aggressively to improve the inventory situation.

    The different DMDs have different performance specifications based on their design parameters. The DLP6500BFYE that you mention was not qualified and designed for 405nm operation. The DLP6500BFLQ however was designed for this operation.

    It is of course possible to start development and learning with the DLP6500BFYE, as it has similar pixels and electrical operation as the other DMD, but for final design and production we would recommend the other DMD to meet your 405nm application.

    We can take the dialog offline if you like to see what we can do to help your project. Please let us know.


  • Hi Matt,

    Ok, when I will buy DLPLCRC900EVM and DLP6500BFLQ (it is out of stock now (as you mentioned)) separately, will it be problematic to put it into operation without much knowledge of electronics?

    I will be happy to get more info. What type of offline communication do you mean - call? Can you write me an e-mail (we can arrange the call)?

    Best regards,

  • Hi Jiri.

    Yes, you should not need a lot of electronics knowledge to get going.

    We can set up a call. Just send me your email and we can find a time that works.