DLPA3000D technical support

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Hi team,

I got a question form customer:

The dlpc3438 + dlpa3000d scheme is used by our company's product. that has been verified to be normal; In the recent batch of production, a batch of dlpa3000d (printed on the top of the chip is 43xxxxxx) was purchased, and the optical machine could not be started normally (IRQ could not be lowered). After replacing the previously used chip (printed on the top of the chip is 67xxxxxx), it could be started normally. It is suspected that the chip version is the cause. We grabbed the SPI communication data between DLPC and DLPA, and found that the 00 address, identification ID and version ID were read, The ID of 43xxxxx is read as 0xd2, and that of 67xxxxx purchased by us is read as 0xd3.

1. Whether to judge the reason of the failure of the optical machine startup through the communication data between DLPC and DLPA chip.

2. Is it possible to modify the boot firmware to be compatible with the old version of DLPA without replacing the chip?

3. If 2 can't, can we only replace the new chip? How to ensure that the chip you buy is a new version?

4. There is only one digit on the top of the chip which is the year. How to judge the production date?

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