DLPLCRDC4422EVM: DLP logo didn’t appear as an image test on the screen

Part Number: DLPLCRDC4422EVM

Hi Team.

We have received inquiry that their EVM is not functioning. Below is the details.

"I followed the step by step setup of the DLPLCRDC4422EVM and DLPLCR660TEVM on the manual guide, but however the DLP logo didn’t appear as an image test on the screen. I wanted to display custom patterns. The flex cables were also properly installed. I have attached the setup picture bellow.


Thank you in advance.



  • Maynard,

    It seems that when comparing to Figure 2-3 of User's Guide (attached), the DMD board is not oriented correctly. Look at how in the customer image the DMD board, cut corner is towards the edge of the controller board while the user's guide image has the cut corner towards the middle of the controller board. Also notice that if the controller board and DMD board are laying flat on a surface while correctly connected, that if the controller board is facing up (heatsink visible) that the DMD board should face down (not able to see DMD window).