DLP6500FYE: The DLP6500FYE has no display

Part Number: DLP6500FYE

Hi Team,

Our customer bought DLPLCR6500EVM in 2018. However, recently someone disassembled the DLP6500FYE from the board and then it doesn't work anymore. I have asked the customer to reseat the flex cable and DLP6500FYE to ensure that it is properly mounted but still there is no display in the DMD. The LEDs on the board are working and the customer were able to upload the pictures in the software but no image appeared in the DMD. Please see attached screenshot and some pictures of the evaluation modules. Can you please help us diagnose if the DLP6500FYE is defective and needs replacement?



  • Hi Danilo,

    Looking at the GUI Status, "Controller/DMD Incompatible" error bit is set. Which means Controller is not able to communicate with DMD.

    In many cases, following below steps fixed the issue.
    1. Make sure Flex cable and DLP6500FYE DMD are fixed properly. Remove and Connect again.
    2. Update firmware with TI Released firmware. 

    3. Check with different power supply. Some times powers supply will not be supplying required current.

    If above steps did not solve the problem, then some hardware could have been damaged.
    While disassembling, not following proper ESD safety precautions could damage the components being used.

    Try with alternate Flex cable/DMD Board/Controller Board to figure out problematic component.