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DLPA2005: DLPA2005 use 3.3V system power

Part Number: DLPA2005
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLPC3470, DLP2010, , DLP2010EVM-LC


I am using  the DLPA2005 + DLPC3470 +  DLP2010 chipset,  and enconter a problem.

When the PROJ_ON goes high, the system power-up and after about 400ms(VRST, VBIAS, VOFS are on)

 the INTZ on DLPA2005 gose low and the DMD is turned off.

The DLPA2005 is powered by 3.3V voltage support, insted of 5V on EVM.

Is there any thing to do with this change? 

Thank you!

  • QI MAO,

    Welcome to the E2E forums and thank for your interest in our DLP technology.

    Yes, it is possible that you are encountering issues due to your input voltage supply. Do you see the LEDs come on right before the system fails? If so then you may be encountering a situation where the power draw of the system becomes too large and the UVLO is triggered.

    Alternatively, you could also try reducing the LED current consumption with reduced startup current.

    You may want to consider testing the system with a larger supply input.



  • Hi Philippe,

    Thanks for reply, 

    During my test the LEDs are not connected to DLPA2005, when the DMD is running the total power consumption is about 1.5mW.  

    Is there any Firmware avilable for our applycation, like the 'DMDA_3000_Battery' version? Currently we are using 'dlp2010evm-lc_7.3.1'.

    Through the SPI1 Interface DLPC3470 Writes 0x08 to 09H Register. I suppose this value  may effect DLPA Operation.


    Qi Mao

  • QI MAO,

    there is not battery specific version of the firmware for the DLPA2005. It is not neccesary because this is a lower power PMIC

    Not having the LEDs connected could be the root of the issue, Can you try this with the LEDs connected?

    Will you be using the LEDs in the final application? 

    Best Regards,

    Arthur Brown

  • Qi MAO,

    the write to register 09H is setting the UVLO threshold. in this case it appears to be setting to 2.86 V.

    see Table 18. in DLPA2005 Datasheet


    Arthur Brown