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DLP4710EVM-LC: Need for low noise high brightness and depth of focus for depth measurement app- 4710 LC

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Part Number: DLP4710EVM-LC


We have been experimenting with the 4710-LC EVM and just finished
setting it to sync with our sensor. The result is pretty
good, however our depth of focus is limited and we seem
to have too much background noise that is too noticeable
especially when using our smallest light features pattern,
as if there is a leak of light or the black is not fully black.
we realize that the contrast is a bit low and therefore we work
at lower power, however we would like to work at higher intensity level especially when using it
on our targeted materials which absorb more light, yet avoid too much surrounding noise which becomes
apparent when we use it on other surfaces. is there other projection optics that
can offer better depth of focus and low noise?

Our operating distance vary from 45cm to 80cm.


  • Hello Angel,

    TI does not sell any other optical variants of this EVM. However, we do have various design partners who may offer different options. EKB may provide different options and you may want to start reaching out to them. If you need technical support with our EVM please let us know the specific question.



  • Thanks for the Reference Kyle. 

    Dear Angel

    , EKB Technologies offers the Super E4750-LC RGB.
    This setup consists of identical features as the EVM 4710-LC that you have
    been using however produces high Lumens output of 1000 ANSI
    Lumens and significantly enhanced depth of focus and contrast ratio.
    you can find additional information on our website at:

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    Thank thank you for your support.