DLPC3439: Input range of external YCrCb video source

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Part Number: DLPC3439


our design is based on DLP4710 device and DLPC3439 chipset, version of fw 7.3.2, (DLP LightCrafter 4710 Gen2). Input parallel interface is directly connected to video decoder using YCbCr 4:2:2, bus width is 16 bits, 1 pixel per clock. Input range is limited - black color corresponding to level 16 (dec) and white color corresponding to level 235 (dec)  - this behaviour is legit under  ITU-R  BT.601. Unfortunately, output range of the image is also limited. My question is - how to expand output video levels to full range from black to white ? (for example how to edit internally stored CSC coeficients for YCbCr conversion).


Zdenek Zechovsky

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