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DLPC3439: DLPC3439

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Part Number: DLPC3439

Is keystone correction available in DLPC3439, if not which IC I can refer to implement keystone correction

  • Hello Anusha,

    Welcome to the E2E forum and thank you for your interest in DLP technology.

    Yes, keystone is available for the DLPC3439.

    If you are controlling the 4710EVM through the GUI, it can be adjusted in the Display menu.

    Kind regards,


  • In reply to Austin Snyder:

    Hi Austin,

    We are using a DLP3439 our customized PCB with a 0.47 DMD engine in our product and we are facing skew in the projected screen.

    We can have access to tune by DLP Composer.

    Our major issues are white balancing and keystone problem.

    If you suggest in which register need to be used in the DLPC3439 we can clear this issue.

    Please suggest a procedure for white balancing and keystone problem.

  • In reply to Anusha N:

    Hello Anusha,

    I have to apologize as I relayed incorrect information.

    The DLPC3439 does not support keystone capabilities. This will have to be factored into the data transmission on the front end.

    To address the color balancing issue you are facing, I would suggest you begin by tuning the duty cycles and LED currents in your firmware. You may consider acquiring a chroma meter as a tool to assist with white-point balance.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further help.