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TI DLP® LightCrafter™ 4500 Evaluation Module

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I am a graduate student working on the DLP Lightcrafter 4500 evaluation module. I am looking into the DMD chip in the DLP projector. I would like to know if there is a way to control individual pixels in the DMD or groups of pixels- in other words I would like to set a large majority of the DMD to the "off" position so that only a selected group of pixels or pixel can shine light. My application will be scanning a sample using the manipulated beam - preferably by only turning on pixels that I want to be measured in such a pattern that eventually will turn on all pixels 1 by 1 or group by group. I will eventually replace the LED lights with a laser and use to DMD setup in order to scan a sample and detect (either by transmission or reflection - not decided yet) into a single pixel detector. The software I am using is "DLPLCR4500 GUI 4.0.0" and I downloaded the software from the User Manual that came with the projector. To conclude, is there any way to control/cycle through individual pixels or group of pixels on the DMD to be set to "off" or "on" in an efficient and well controlled manner? 

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    You can control the individual mirrors of the DMD using a 2 dimensional pattern.  Since you want only on or off, you may want to consider using 1-bit patterns. The EVM support multiple method send these patters. . 

    Please refer to  DLP4500 EVM user guide and and DLPC350 controller programmer's  guide for details on patterns.






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    Thank you for your reply! I will look into 1-bit patterns and BMP image applications to complete this project.