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DLP471TP: Is DLP471TP replacing DLP470TP?

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Part Number: DLP471TP

1) Is the DLP471TP a replacement for DLP470TP that uses one DLPC and no FPGA?

2) Is HDR supported and are there any downgrades in features from DLP470TP I should be aware of?

3) Is it in mass production already for module suppliers or is it a limited sample production at this point?


  • John,

    The DLP471TP is a DMD which incorporates the DLPC6540 as a controller. It is correct that the DLPC6540 has the advantage of requiring only a single controller and no FPGA to drive the DLP471TP (unlike the DLPC6421 which must be used in a pair alongside an FPGA).

    In terms of tradeoffs between the two chipsets, I shall loop in a colleague on my team who is an expert on this chipset to assist you further.

    Best Regards,
    Philippe Dollo


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  • In reply to Philippe Dollo:

    Hi John,

    Adding on to Philippe.

    #1. Yes, correct.

    #2. HDR is properly supported on this chipset, there are no downgrades like features in the controller compared to DLPC6421.

    #3. It is in Mass Production, we will be soon launching the DLP471TP EVM kit (tentatively planned before the end of this year) for the user to evaluate the features.



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