DLPR410: REV_SEL0, REV_SEL1 pins

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Part Number: DLPR410


I would like to confirm the REV_SEL0 and REV_SEL1 pins. DLP0101A_SCH.pdf shows each pins are 4.7k pull-down as below.

However, DLPR410 data sheet (JAJSGM0E –AUGUST 2012–REVISED DECEMBER 2018) says the pull-down must be 10k. Which resistance value is correct?

Also, which REVISION SELECT should be selected(00 or 01)? Do we need to confirm the DLPR410 revision?



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  • Hello Urrry,

    The standard is revision 00.  Rev 01 can be used, but it loads and reads from another area of the prom.  4.7 kOhm is a stronger pulldown, but 10 kOhm can also work.  Let me check with one of our board folks and see if they have a recommendation on which is they prefer.  I would go with what the data sheet says.