DLP6500FYE: Mechanical Design

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Good day.

Our customer is using the DLP6500FYE (s600) reference circuit design, but they found the mounting mechanical interface  is not suitable for the design. The DMD board is designed as the picture. It has four mounting holes.

They have a problem when designing the DMD interface. The mechanical design of DMD interface has two mounting holes, but the PCB design of DLP6500FYE has four mounting holes.

I hope you could shed some light on this. Attached are the snippet from the refdes and mounting docs.



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  • Hi Cedrick,

    Thanks, you too!

    Let me check with my team and get back on your query.


  • In reply to SHIVAKUMAR R:

    Hi Cedrick,

    This is mixing two different mounting concepts.  We are looking at this more closely.  Both systems are possible, but obviously cannot be mixed.

    Please allow a little time for our mechanical team to get back with us on this.


  • In reply to Fizix:

    Hi Fizix,

    Thank you for your response.

    I would be waiting for the update from the mechanical team. Have a great day.