DLI-3P-DLI6500: How to control the projection of individual patterns manually instead of projecting all the pattern sequentially

Part Number: DLI-3P-DLI6500
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I am now using DLPC900REF-GUI (https://www.ti.com/tool/DLPC900REF-SW) for controlling DLi6500 (https://dlinnovations.com/products/dli6500-optics-bundles/).

Currently I haven't set up synchronization with a camera, and want to manually project a single pattern one by one for a sequence of patterns. This is something like using human trigger to switching patterns for projection. When one image acquisition is done, manually switch to next pattern and proceed as follows (Similar function can be achieved using CELconductor for DLi5500 to step through all the uploaded patterns). It seems the GUI software does not allow doing so. It only project a sequence of patterns sequentially (with predefined exposure and dark times for individual patterns. If one click "Pause" or "Stop" button, the pattern project will be disabled, instead of that the immediate pattern will remain at the scene.

I am wondering if there is any way to manually select pattern of interest for project and then switch to next?

  • Dear Yuzhen,

    Please see section 1.5.2 DLP LightCrafter Single DLPC900 Trigger Input and Output Voltage Selectors on page 14 of DLPC900 Single Controller EVM User's Guide for an explanation of how to use the input triggers.  This could be set up with a simple pulse generator that will output a pulse every time you press a button on the the generator.  This is how we advance one pattern at a time in testing.

    You may also want to contact DLi to see if they have something similar to the CELconductor for their DLi6500 product.