[v1] TI-API: TPS7A4101DGNR, MSP430F6438IPZR

Part Number: TI-API

Hi API team,

We have received error from TI API when sending orders for below:

  • Venture PN: TK167231200 , MPN: TPS7A4101DGNR, Qty: 470
  • Venture PN: FK4613352, MPN: MSP430F6438IPZR, Qty: 310


The error received is:

  • TI-TXT-031: Error determining material availability.
  • TI-TXT-999: The requested fulfillment options not available.


We have tried with setting Customer Reel to “True” or “False” but yet still get the same error.


Please advise what is the problem.



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