[v1] TI-Store API Productive Access Key

Part Number: TI-API



At moment we have access to the Sandbox APIs. But now we are finished with testing and would need an productive access.


Can you tell me how to activate the productive credentials?


We got the following error message:

{"fault":{"faultstring":"Invalid API call as no apiproduct match found","detail":{"errorcode":"keymanagement.service.InvalidAPICallAsNoApiProductMatchFound"}}}


Thank you!

Best regards

Niklas Steilner

  • Hi Niklas,

    For V1 API access. this is was achieved before by going to Team apps and requesting an app. This was however discontinued since August 29 upon the launch of V2 API 

    I see that you have Inventory and Product API in your sandbox environment. Please be aware that your requests from sandbox are automatically approved for these API upon request on devportal but for production these are reviewed and may take some time ( V1 process)

    With that, We highly suggest that you transition to V2 API which includes the Inventory and Pricing API. We are also moving in the direction of transitioning V1 users so it would be best to shift as soon as possible. 

    The differences should just be minimal with your transition to V2 seeing that you are interested in Inventory and pricing API  at the moment. You should should have production information upon approval.

    • Authentication using the new key/access method from your myTI company account
    • URL path to use v2
    • All JSON fields and query parameters have been converted from capital case (for example, “MinimumOrderQuantity”) to camel case (for example, “minimumOrderQuantity”)

    For more information on the V2 API please see information below:

    To get access to the TI store v2 API Suite, you must create a myTI company account. The new company account feature offers a connected, seamless purchasing experience for your procurement colleagues. Within your newly created company account, you can make a new request for API access.  Create a myTI company account here. Or for more information about our APIs, take a look at API overview page.

    We hope this information helps.

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