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Hi team,

I tried to implement the GET /store/products API method (part of TI Inventory and Pricing API)  but I get either an empty list when page = 1, or ERROR: No page index given for TI Store products list when page = 1 or other numbers. Here the code, could you please let me know how to fix it?

y = catalog.get_products(gpn = gpn, page = 0, size = 20, verify=verify_ssl)
  • I just updated the code putting the quotation mark on page and size, and it works. I though it should have been an integer.

    y = catalog.get_products(gpn = gpn, page = "0", size = "20", verify=verify_ssl)
  • Hi Frederico,

    Thanks for your post - for future API requests in E2E, please enter Part Number = TI-API so your thread is automatically routed to the experts as soon as you create it.

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  • Hello! Thank you for raising this issue. The code for the wrapper was checking if an argument for the function did not exist, but Python considers integer values of 0 as being 'falsy' (somewhat equivalent to null in other languages). I have corrected the code by removing that logic since, if you are calling a method, then you are necessarily passing arguments for those parameters anyway. Your program should work now if you pull the latest changes from the remote Git repository!

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