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No Response from REST Service Call to Download Product Inventory Catalog


I have not been able to download the catalog for the last 3 days. The last successful download was on 1/28/2024.


I am able to request and receive the access_token by calling this REST service:

Yet when I call the this REST service and pass in the required access_token, I do not receive the catalog JSON.

Has the API changed or is there an issue downloading the catalog with the API?

  • Hi BISupport, I am looking into this issue for you, allow me to come back tomorrow with some information.

  • Would you know if you have paging set that is limiting your download, we have not seen any others reporting this issue.  I see that as of today 2/5/24 you received a successful 200 code, did you receive your full catalog.

  • Tammy,

    I am not setting a a paging value.

    I am simply using an http GET for this URL and passing the access_token as an additional header.


    The request is made Sunday thru Friday at 4:30 AM.

    The failures are intermittent. For February, the download failed on 2/1, 2/6 and on 2/13.

    We were able to successfully download the catalog on 2/2, 2/4, 2/5, 2/7, 2/8, 2/9, 2/11 and 2/12.

  • Thank you, This information will be helpful, I will share out to our dev team to assist them in research on the intermittent processing issue.

  • BI Support, if I may ask what the benefit of running this daily, the catalog of materials do not change that often. We are not seeing any failures on our side when you shared out the dates above, what can occur is not knowing at that time how much overall traffic is occurring on the API, additionally this is a big suite of data that takes a bit of time to download.

  • Tammy, we have various automated process that utilize the data. One of the processes uses the data to determine what parts are in stock at TI and issue a purchase order.

    I'm told that the data is critical. Given that the failures to download the catalog is intermittent and can occur on consecutive days, it is preferred to download the catalog daily.

    We do have a project in the que to move to the PUSH API. But that keeps getting delayed due to resource conflicts.

  • Are you aware of the TI store inventory Api subscription that would send you a notification when the product is in stock- available. If you have a set of materials that is always of interest - could get a notification for them (is this the PUSH API you were referring?)

    TI store inventory subscription A

    This API allows the user to subscribeto inventory back-in-stock notifications. When a part has stocked up, this API will generate a notification that is sent to your configured API via an HTTP POST request. 

  • Tammy, thanks for the info. Yes we are aware of this subscription and it one of the options that we are working on. But unfortunately, it keeps getting delayed.

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