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[FAQ] DS90UB913A-Q1: Does UB913 support BT 601 format with UB964?

Part Number: DS90UB913A-Q1

Hi Team

My customer is considering to use 913 and 964.

they want to know if 913/964 can support BT 601 format 1280x720@30fps with YUV 422 8bit.

I think it is not a problem but I want to check with team 1more time for sure.

Could you pls help make sure this??

and 1 more question is

our DES use fixed CSI output BW. so that after send all data, rest of time before get next line data would be blank with LP11.

so my understanding as below timing diagram is correct??

this is line level diagram. so 1-1 is 1st camera/1st line, 1-2 is 1st camera/2nd line.

Thanks for your support as always~!!

  • Hi Harry,

    There are no issues with your customer's 913A/964 setup. 964 is a quad deserializer, which can aggregate data from up to 4 1Mpixel camera sensors onto up to 2 CSI-2 output ports. The only thing you need to check is if the CSI Output Bandwidth at each output port is greater than the sum of the Input Bandwidths being directed there. 

    For this system, I see no bandwidth issues. In my calculations, I am making a few assumptions (For example, 1.6Gbps at each CSI-2 Data Lane). 

    You can reference this FPD-Link Training Video to learn more about the variables that influence Input and Output Bandwidth calculations:

    And your understanding of the CSI-2 aggregation is correct, assuming Round-Robin forwarding is used. The input ports will be cycled through, each taking a turn in sending a packet to the corresponding output port. In Case #2, the 4-1 packet is transmitted and needs to wait until the other input ports are cycled through. While it's waiting, it will be in a low-power state. You can reference Figures 7-7, 7-13, and 7-14 in the UB960 datasheet for additional visuals of this.


    Justin Phan 

  • Thanks for quick reply Justin~~!!