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TUSB4041I: TUSB4041I-Q1 Device configuration with Linux & AM335..

Part Number: TUSB4041I

Hi Team TUSB,

Looks like for the TUSB4041I.. “The TUSB4041I device provides pin-strap configuration for some features including battery charging support, and also provides customization though OTP ROM, I 2C EEPROM, or through an I 2C and SMBus slave interface for PID, VID, and custom port and phy configurations. Custom string support is also available when using an I2C EEPROM or the I 2C and SMBus slave interface.”  So many ways to configure it.. w/ and w/o a CPU connection.

That said.. According to (https://e2e.ti.com/support/interface-group/interface/f/interface-forum/659122/tusb4041i-linux-driver ).. “The TUSB4041I is compliant to the USB specification, so it will automatically load the USB Hub class driver that is part of the Linux kernel. Same driver will work for all USB Hubs regardless of the manufacturer.

So.. when a TUSB4041I is connected to an AM335 (via USB port) in a Linux-based system.. how is the TUSB4041I configured?   Are any "external" config options required (like I2C.. OTP over I2C, etc)? 

As a reference.. Looks like the 3P “variscite module”  (https://www.variscite.com/product/system-on-module-som/cortex-a8/var-som-am33-cpu-ti-am335x-am3354-am3352/ ) may have the TUSB connected to the AM335 over I2C.  Why would this be done?  Is this "optional".. to allow more flexibility WRT setup/config of the TUSB device.. if required?

Thanks, Merril

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  • Hi Merril,

    So the TUSB4041 doesn't need any external configuration - you can however customize it by either a) adjusting the pin straps b) I2C EEPROM or C)SMBUS.  Once the the hub is configured, it can be used with Linux / Windows / Mac etc with generic USB hub drivers.  There are no device specific drivers required.  There aren't all that many configuration options for the USB 2.0 hub, so most customer opt to just use pin configurations.



  • Hi JMMN,

    Thx.. so nothing to do but connect it over USB.. & default is OK?  Or which pin straps are required for Linux?  Can you please reveal your secret identity to me?  Search me within TI for my email address.. Thx!

    Merril Newman

  • Sure, we will handle over direct email.