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TCAN1044A-Q1: About AEC-Q100 grade0 and AEC-Q006 Qualification

Part Number: TCAN1044A-Q1

Hello, Teams,
   I konw TCAN1044A-Q1 meets AEC-Q100  grade 1, 
 1,    Does this IC meet  AEC-Q100 grade 0 ?  or  is there any schedule/plan to meet  it?
 2,    It use a copper wire inside,  does this IC meet  AEC-Q006?  or  is there any schedule/plan to meet  it?

 Thanks very much.


  • Hi,

    1. No, this device does not meet the requirements for grade 0. The TCAN1044A is rated for a maximum operating junction temperature of 150C. This means that the rated ambient temperature will be lower than 150C, which is required for AEC-Q100 grade 0. 

    2. I'm not directly familiar with the AEC-Q006 qualification requirement as I believe this would be handed by our packaging team. From what I understand, this document outlines the certification requirements for Cu specific bonded packages and would be part of the Q100 qualification. Let me know if there's some specific info you need on this and I can reach out to our team internally to see what we can provide. 

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

    Eric Schott

  • Thanks for your  reply.
     1, "The TCAN1044A is rated for a maximum operating junction temperature of 150C"
     Please confirm* 
       TCAN1044A( Ta=150℃、 Tj=165℃)  is different with TCAN1044(Ta=150℃、Tj=150℃),
      So I think TCAN1044A   should meet grade 0. 
    2,  I'm not familiar to AEC-Q006 also,  However our OEM car maker ask the question of  AEC-Q006, 
           I want to know more detail if possible.

  • Hi,

    1. TCAN1044A has an absolute maximum Tj of 165C. However, the recommended operating Tj is 150C. This limits the recommended operating Ta to < 150C. Therefore, the operating temperature range falls within the Grade 1 window of 125C. 
    TCAN1044 has a absolute Tj max of 150C, with a recommended max Ta of 125C. 

    Please ensure you are using the latest datasheet versions available on Some of these specifications may have been updated from the sample datasheet values. 

    2. I was able to look into this. TCAN1044A is Q006 certified. 

    Eric Schott