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TLK106: Using TLK106 instead of TLK106L for EtherCAT - Channel 0 does not respond

Part Number: TLK106
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: , AM4377

Hello all,

I'm working with a device which uses 2x TLK106L and an AM4377 to run two EtherCAT ports. Due to the supply chain issues I am trying to use TLK106 instead of TLK106L. To my understanding, the difference between them is the Multi LED feature of the -L version and a couple of additional registers related to it. On TLK106 those registers are in the "reserved" range. The PTP Protocol (IEEE 1588) which is another difference mentioned in the related thread here on the forum, doesn't seem to be required or used by EtherCAT so it should not matter.

The problem I see is that after soldering TLK106 ICs in place of the missing TLK106L, channel 1 connection works as expected, but channel 0 does not communicate. The link activity LED does lit up and blinks whenever a connection is attempted, but our PC software does not detect any EtherCAT slaves. Channel 0 has it's Addr set to 0 with a 2.2k pull-down on pin 29 of the IC. Channel 1 is set to Addr 0 with a 2.2k pull-up on pin 29 (not necessary I guess, but it's there).

Side question: I wonder why is the default address set to 1 and not 0 (the internal pull-up/pull-down config on the five address pins).

Is there anything I am missing in the configuration of the ICs or some difference between the TLK106 and TLK106L I am not aware of?

Additional comment: We have successfully replaced TLK106L with DP83822IRHBT in the past and that solution was working with no problem, but now neither TLK106L nor DP83822IRHBT is available on the market in the quantities that wee need.