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SN65HVD230: How to use Standby mode?

Part Number: SN65HVD230

Hello i have a SN65HVD230. I try to make it work in standby mode:

1. set the SN65HVD230 into standby mode by pulling the Rs pin to HIGH. -> works, i can see 10mA less power draw.

2. wait for a CAN message in standby mode. -> doesn't work. I never receive anything.

How do i correctly use the SN65HVD230 in standby mode? I have setup my MCU to interrupt on a can message but that interrupt is never triggered once we set the SN65HVD230 into standby mode.

i checked and the CAN message gets a NAK. This makes sense as in standby mode we cant send an ACK. But for the ACKto be sent i would have to somehow notice the message in the first place. If i never know that a message is sent how can i set the SN65HVD230 into normal mode so that i can send an ACK? The interrupt is never triggered!

So my problem is that i am pulling the Rs pin to HIGH so the SN65HVD230 goes into standby mode but cant receive anything after that.

Receving/Sending CAN messages work when we stay in normal mode by setting the Rs pin to LOW. So i know that it should work if the SN65HVD230 would only listen.

  • Hello,

    Can you send a picture of the top marking of your device? This device has multiple versions in it's family so I want to make sure you got the right one with standby mode. With this device the receiver should remain on in standby mode. Which pin is your MCU interrupting off of. It should interrupt off of the RXD pin.

    Can you take a scope shot of your VCC,CANH,CANL, and RXD pin while the device is in standby mode? Make sure to send a message on the CAN bus.

    Can you also provide a schematic of your set up?