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TLK6002: sequence of data need to send to TLK6002

Part Number: TLK6002


I am transmitting data to TLK6002 from ZCU106 board, I am doing shallow local loopback and Rx data giving back to ZCU106 board.

Invalid receive clock is generating at TLK6002 and Channel sync is not happening but Channel sync is happening when test pattern generation case.

Q1: What is the sequence of data I have to send to TLK6002.

Thanks & Regards,
Mallikarjuna B.

  • Hi Mallikarjuna,

    Can you provide more details regarding the invalid receive clock?  Do you receive a clock signal at all?  Is the clock signal the correct frequency?  In what ways is it invalid?

    For channel synchronization, I believe the primary requirement for synchronization is the presence of comma symbols in the data.  Are you transmitting comma symbols?


  • A1: Yes I am receiving clock with very less amplitude and we are unable to measure exact receive clock(we are using 200Mhz bandwidth scope), at receive side we are getting data at invalid order(some 20bit data is repeating and some are missing). so I am thinking receive clock is not sampling correctly.

    A2: Yes I am providing comma symbols in data, and we are disabling encoder/decoder and doing shallow local loopback. Please provide 20 bit data format I have to send to TLK6002.(valid 20 bit comma symbols data)

    Q1: If I disable  COMMA_ENABLE(3.7), Disable Encoder/Decoder, still I need to send comma symbols in data?

    Q2: In Shallow local loopback Receive clock will generate or not?

    Mallikarjuna B.

  • Hi,

    I am looking into this and will provide an update tomorrow.