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RS485-FL-DPLX-EVM: IS there a BOM spreadsheet for the RS485-FL-DPLX-EVM ?

Part Number: RS485-FL-DPLX-EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: RS485-HF-DPLX-EVM

Hello again, 

 can you please provide the BOM for the RS485-FL-DPLX-EVM (as someone did previously for the half-duplex RS485 EVM, aka RS485-HF-DPLX-EVM ?


Jim Mrowca

(fex-TIer - 1982 thru 1997)

  • Hi Jim,

    I am going to have to reach out to a few members of my team - unfortunately the repository I found the half duplex BOM doesn't contain the full duplex BOM - we should still have it so I will hopefully have an update within the next 24-48 hours. 


    Parker Dodson

  • Hi Jim,

    So I was able to get a hold of the BOM file. 

    A few notes about the file.

    1. It is a .BOM file - for use with Cadence - when I tried to open it with Cadence it said I couldn't - but I was able to open it in a text editor (I was using Notepad++) and the BOM file shows up there  without issue and all the data is present. 

    2. The BOM doesn't include much more information than the schematics themselves - but this is the BOM we have for this board.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions and I will see what I can do!



    Parker Dodson

  • Thanks Parker,

     this gets us closer. A Cadence Composer or Virtuoso BOM usually has TAB stops, so I was able to get into Excel  (I could send that to you via email; I just sent you a LinkedIn invite earlier today). 

    Only thing that is missing is the data in the Part_Number column. Maybe the PCBA house has a parts list (not including the PCB)? Wondering about the Reference designators specifically starting with a J. 


    Jim Mrowca

  • Hi Jim,

    So I was able to do some digging with some of the information in the BOM and was able to find out a bit more about the headers/jumpers and why they  are labeled as is.

    On some of other TI designs on their BOMs they include the same writing but offer a bit more information.

    The design is for any passive that meets the criteria in the BOM - they didn't select specific components - just footprints and values. 

    For the Jumpers specifically:

    Item 15 in BOM: Any Vertical Through Hole Header (0.1 inch / 2.54mm - that's where the "100" comes from in the footprint) that has configuration  1x3. 

    The same case can be said for Items 16,17, and 18 - albeit the configuration is 1x4, 1x2, and 1x5 respectively. So the BOM is specifying a type of component not a specific part number. 

    Some parts that would go onto our boards today that meet those specifications are:

    1x2: 961102-6404-AR (3M)

    1x3: 5-146280-3 (TE Connectivity)

    1x4: 61300411121 (Würth Elektronik)

    1x5: TSW-105-07-G-S (Samtech)

    These parts will work and should fit the footprints on the board as they have the same pitch and configuration. 

    As for contacting the PCB manufacturer - this board has been manufactured by potentially multiple contractors over the years and with how the BOM is setup there could be a variance of parts because we didn't specify part numbers (all the components are essentially commodity and RS-485 applications aren't the most sensitive in most cases and can handle a variety of passive conditions) . Our current manufacturer also hasn't produced this board yet because our current database with all of our projects that we pass to them didn't have this board so they don't have that information either. I know that isn't the best - but when it comes down to it - there could be multiple part numbers. 

    So essentially it does seem like this board was designed with generic parts that only  had a few parameters and due to the manufacturing of this board being handled by multiple vendors and not our current one - there could be some variability in actual part numbers. 

    Is there anything that is of a specific concern with the parts or any specific information about why certain parts are chosen? As I don't think I am going to be able to find the specific part numbers used on all the boards - and when we need to rebuild more of these boards with our new manufacturer I most likely will just be giving them similar components to what I told you above. Please let me know and I will see what I can do!


    Parker Dodson

  • Thanks for digging further into this Parker - we are prototyping this on an application on a piece of test equipment. I can tell you that we are intending to use the SN65HVD1476D as the full duplex transceiver. (which should have longevity)


    Jim Mrowca