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TCAN1044A-Q1: TCAN1044-Q1 VS TCAN1044V-Q1

Part Number: TCAN1044A-Q1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TCAN1044V-Q1, TCAN1044-Q1, TCAN1462V-Q1

> The V devices have an I/O voltage level translator.

If the description above is correct, which makes sense, then there is a typo in the TCAN1044-Q1, TCAN1044V-Q1 datasheet SLLSF17B – AUGUST 2019 – REVISED OCTOBER 2021

The datasheet (at 1st page, section 3 Description) and Product details on web site says

"The TCAN1044-Q1 includes internal logic level translation via the VIO terminal to allow for interfacing the transceiver I/Os directly to 1.8 V, 2.5 V, 3.3 V, or 5 V logic I/Os."

Is there a missing V in device part number? Can you double check and confirm.

We are make list of device alternative part numbers and I want to be sure that we have correct devices on the list. Thank you.

  • Dongbao,

    The sentence you are including is referencing the family of devices as more of a general comment. Perhaps specifically including the "V" for this sentence would have added more clarity.

    But yes, in the 8-pin TCAN family, any device with a "V" has the VIO terminal accessible and requires logic supply voltage on this pin, for example the TCAN1462V-Q1.

    The TCAN family historically has included many different alphabetical suffixes that indicate different characteristics of the device, for example "G," "H," and "V" at the ends. For our recent portfolio, suffixes like "H" and "G" are no longer used, but "V" is still used to indicate logic voltage shifting capability.



  • Thanks, device TCAN1044-Q1 is without VIO and device TCAN1044V-Q1 is with VIO. Unfortuantelly SLLSF17B datasheed does not clearly state which device is with and without VIO as other similar datasheets clearly do. May be small datasheet improvement could help.