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DS90UB954-Q1EVM: IMX477 sensor Pi3B+

Part Number: DS90UB954-Q1EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: ALP


I am trying to prototype FPD with Pi 3B+ and HQ cam using the 954 and 953 EVMs.

I have adjusted the jumpers on the EVMs and created daugther boards to breakout the CSI2 signals which I believe are satisfactory.

ISP obervations when camera is directly connected: I observe a clock of 450 MHz and I2C clk of 100 kHz max.

Below is a register dump would you kindly review and generally advise steps you suggest to make some progress?



Register Display - ALP Nano 1 - DS90UB954, Connector 1

Register Data Name
0x0000 0x60 I2C Device ID
0x0001 0x00 Reset
0x0002 0x1E General Configuration
0x0003 0x20 Revision/Mask ID
0x0004 0xDF DEVICE_STS
0x0005 0x01 PAR_ERR_THOLD_HI
0x0006 0x00 PAR_ERR_THOLD_LO
0x0007 0xFE BCC Watchdog Control
0x0008 0x1C I2C Control 1
0x0009 0x10 I2C Control 2
0x000A 0x7A SCL High Time
0x000B 0x7A SCL Low Time
0x000C 0x81 RX_PORT_CTL
0x000D 0xB9 IO_CTL
0x000E 0x08 GPIO_PIN_STS
0x0010 0x00 GPIO0_PIN_CTL
0x0011 0x00 GPIO1_PIN_CTL
0x0012 0x00 GPIO2_PIN_CTL
0x0013 0x00 GPIO3_PIN_CTL
0x0014 0x00 GPIO4_PIN_CTL
0x0015 0x00 GPIO5_PIN_CTL
0x0016 0x00 GPIO6_PIN_CTL
0x0017 0x00 Reserved
0x0018 0x00 FS_CTL
0x0019 0x00 FS_HIGH_TIME_1
0x001A 0x00 FS_HIGH_TIME_0
0x001B 0x00 FS_LOW_TIME_1
0x001C 0x00 FS_LOW_TIME_0
0x001D 0x00 MAX_FRM_HI
0x001E 0x04 MAX_FRM_LO
0x001F 0x02 CSI_PLL_CTL
0x0020 0x30 FWD_CTL1
0x0021 0x01 FWD_CTL2
0x0022 0x00 FWD_STS
0x0023 0x00 INTERRUPT_CTL
0x0024 0x00 INTERRUPT_STS
0x0025 0x00 TS_CONFIG
0x0026 0x00 TS_CONTROL
0x0027 0x00 TS_LINE_HI
0x0028 0x00 TS_LINE_LO
0x0029 0x00 TS_STATUS
0x002A 0x00 TIMESTAMP_P0_HI
0x002B 0x00 TIMESTAMP_P0_LO
0x002C 0x00 TIMESTAMP_P1_HI
0x002D 0x00 TIMESTAMP_P1_LO
0x002E 0x00 Reserved
0x002F 0x00 Reserved
0x0030 0x00 Reserved
0x0031 0x00 Reserved
0x0032 0x00 Reserved
0x0033 0x22 CSI_CTL
0x0034 0x40 CSI_CTL2
0x0035 0x00 CSI_STS
0x0036 0x00 CSI_TX_ICR
0x0037 0x00 CSI_TX_ISR
0x0038 0x00 CSI_TEST_CTL
0x0039 0x00 CSI_TEST_PATT_HI
0x003A 0x00 CSI_TEST_PATT_LO
0x003B 0x01 Reserved
0x003C 0x14 Reserved
0x003D 0x6F Reserved
0x003E 0x00 Reserved
0x003F 0x40 Reserved
0x0040 0x00 Reserved
0x0041 0xA7 Reserved
0x0042 0x71 AEQ_CTL1
0x0043 0x01 AEQ_ERR_THOLD
0x0044 0x00 Reserved
0x0045 0x00 Reserved
0x0046 0x00 Reserved
0x0047 0x00 Reserved
0x0048 0x00 Reserved
0x0049 0x00 Reserved
0x004A 0x00 FPD3_CAP
0x004C 0x01 FPD3_PORT_SEL
0x004D 0x03 RX_PORT_STS1
0x004E 0x04 RX_PORT_STS2
0x004F 0x64 RX_FREQ_HIGH
0x0050 0x00 RX_FREQ_LOW
0x0051 0x00 SENSOR_STS_0
0x0052 0x00 SENSOR_STS_1
0x0053 0x03 SENSOR_STS_2
0x0054 0x03 SENSOR_STS_3
0x0055 0x00 RX_PAR_ERR_HI
0x0056 0x00 RX_PAR_ERR_LO
0x0057 0x00 BIST_ERR_COUNT
0x0058 0xFE BCC_CONFIG
0x0059 0x00 DATAPATH_CTL1
0x005A 0x00 Reserved
0x005B 0x30 SER_ID
0x005C 0x18 SER_ALIAS_ID
0x005D 0x1A TargetID[0]
0x005E 0x18 TargetID[1]
0x005F 0x00 TargetID[2]
0x0060 0x00 TargetID[3]
0x0061 0x00 TargetID[4]
0x0062 0x00 TargetID[5]
0x0063 0x00 TargetID[6]
0x0064 0x00 TargetID[7]
0x0065 0x1A TargetAlias[0]
0x0066 0x18 TargetAlias[1]
0x0067 0x00 TargetAlias[2]
0x0068 0x00 TargetAlias[3]
0x0069 0x00 TargetAlias[4]
0x006A 0x00 TargetAlias[5]
0x006B 0x00 TargetAlias[6]
0x006C 0x00 TargetAlias[7]
0x006E 0x88 BC_GPIO_CTL0
0x006F 0x88 BC_GPIO_CTL1
0x0070 0x2B RAW10_ID
0x0071 0x2C RAW12_ID
0x0072 0xE4 CSI_VC_MAP
0x0073 0x00 LINE_COUNT_HI
0x0074 0x00 LINE_COUNT_LO
0x0075 0x00 LINE_LEN_1
0x0076 0x00 LINE_LEN_0
0x0077 0xC5 FREQ_DET_CTL
0x0078 0x00 MAILBOX_1
0x0079 0x01 MAILBOX_2
0x007A 0x00 CSI_RX_STS
0x007C 0x20 PORT_CONFIG2
0x007D 0x00 PORT_PASS_CTL
0x007E 0x00 SEN_INT_RISE_CTL
0x007F 0x00 SEN_INT_FALL_CTL
0x00A0 0x02 Reserved
0x00A1 0x0F Reserved
0x00A2 0x00 Reserved
0x00A3 0x00 Reserved
0x00A4 0x08 Reserved
0x00A5 0x19 REFCLK_FREQ
0x00A7 0x00 Reserved
0x00A8 0x00 Reserved
0x00A9 0x00 Reserved
0x00AA 0x00 Reserved
0x00AB 0x00 Reserved
0x00AC 0x00 Reserved
0x00AD 0x00 Reserved
0x00AE 0x00 Reserved
0x00AF 0x00 Reserved
0x00B0 0x02 IND_ACC_CTL
0x00B1 0x4B IND_ACC_ADDR
0x00B2 0x00 IND_ACC_DATA
0x00B3 0x08 BIST Control
0x00B4 0x25 Reserved
0x00B5 0x00 Reserved
0x00B6 0x18 Reserved
0x00B7 0x00 Reserved
0x00B8 0x8C MODE_IDX_STS
0x00BA 0x83 FPD3_ENC_CTL
0x00BB 0x74 Reserved
0x00BC 0x80 FV_MIN_TIME
0x00BD 0x00 Reserved
0x00BE 0x00 GPIO_PD_CTL
0x00BF 0x00 Reserved
0x00D0 0x00 PORT_DEBUG
0x00D2 0x94 AEQ_CTL2
0x00D3 0x02 AEQ_STATUS
0x00D5 0xF2 AEQ_MIN_MAX
0x00D6 0x00 Reserved
0x00D7 0x00 Reserved
0x00D8 0x00 PORT_ICR_HI
0x00D9 0x00 PORT_ICR_LO
0x00DA 0x00 PORT_ISR_HI
0x00DB 0x00 PORT_ISR_LO
0x00DC 0x00 FC_GPIO_STS
0x00DD 0x00 FC_GPIO_ICR
0x00F0 0x5F FPD3_RX_ID0
0x00F1 0x55 FPD3_RX_ID1
0x00F2 0x42 FPD3_RX_ID2
0x00F3 0x39 FPD3_RX_ID3
0x00F4 0x35 FPD3_RX_ID4
0x00F5 0x34 FPD3_RX_ID5
0x00F8 0x00 I2C_RX0_ID
0x00F9 0x00 I2C_RX1_ID
0x00FA 0x00 Reserved
0x00FB 0x00 Reserved

Register Display - ALP Nano 1 - DS90UB953, Connector 1

Register Data Name
0x0000 0x30 I2C_DEVICE_ID
0x0001 0x00 RESET_CTL
0x0002 0x33 GENERAL_CFG
0x0003 0x48 MODE_SEL
0x0004 0x00 BC_MODE_SELECT
0x0005 0x03 PLLCLK_CTRL
0x0006 0x41 CLKOUT_CTRL0
0x0007 0x28 CLKOUT_CTRL1
0x0009 0x1E I2C_CONTROL1
0x000A 0x10 I2C_CONTROL2
0x000C 0x7F SCL_LOW_TIME
0x0010 0x00 DVP_CFG
0x0011 0x00 DVP_DT
0x0013 0x00 FORCE_BIST_ERR
0x0014 0x00 REMOTE_BIST_CTRL
0x0015 0x20 SENSOR_VGAIN
0x0017 0x3C SENSOR_CTRL0
0x0018 0x80 SENSOR_CTRL1
0x0019 0x62 SENSOR_V0_THRESH
0x001A 0x62 SENSOR_V1_THRESH
0x001C 0x00 ALARM_CSI_EN
0x001D 0x00 ALARM_SENSE_EN
0x001E 0x00 ALARM_BC_EN
0x0020 0x00 CSI_POL_SEL
0x0021 0x00 CSI_LP_POLARITY
0x0022 0x00 CSI_EN_HSRX
0x0023 0x00 CSI_EN_LPRX
0x0024 0x00 CSI_EN_RXTERM
0x0032 0x09 BCC_CONFIG
0x0033 0x04 DATAPATH_CTL1
0x0035 0x10 REMOTE_PAR_CAP1
0x0037 0x60 DES_ID
0x0039 0x00 TARGET_ID_0
0x003A 0x00 TARGET_ID_1
0x003B 0x00 TARGET_ID_2
0x003C 0x00 TARGET_ID_3
0x003D 0x00 TARGET_ID_4
0x003E 0x00 TARGET_ID_5
0x003F 0x00 TARGET_ID_6
0x0040 0x00 TARGET_ID_7
0x0041 0x00 TARGET_ID_ALIAS_0
0x0042 0x00 TARGET_ID_ALIAS_1
0x0043 0x00 TARGET_ID_ALIAS_2
0x0044 0x00 TARGET_ID_ALIAS_3
0x0045 0x00 TARGET_ID_ALIAS_4
0x0046 0x00 TARGET_ID_ALIAS_5
0x0047 0x00 TARGET_ID_ALIAS_6
0x0048 0x00 TARGET_ID_ALIAS_7
0x0049 0x00 BC_CTRL
0x0050 0x20 REV_MASK_ID
0x0051 0xC0 DEVICE STS
0x0052 0x45 GENERAL_STATUS
0x0053 0x00 GPIO_PIN_STS
0x0054 0x00 BIST_ERR_CNT
0x0055 0x00 CRC_ERR_CNT1
0x0056 0x00 CRC_ERR_CNT2
0x0057 0x00 SENSOR_STATUS
0x0058 0x07 SENSOR_V0
0x0059 0x07 SENSOR_V1
0x005A 0x07 SENSOR_T
0x005C 0x00 CSI_ERR_CNT
0x005D 0x00 CSI_ERR_STATUS
0x005E 0x22 CSI_ERR_DLANE01
0x005F 0x00 CSI_ERR_DLANE23
0x0060 0x02 CSI_ERR_CLK_LANE
0x0061 0x00 CSI_PKT_HDR_VC_ID
0x0062 0x00 PKT_HDR_WC_LSB
0x0063 0x00 PKT_HDR_WC_MSB
0x0064 0x00 CSI_ECC
0x00B0 0x04 IND_ACC_CTL
0x00B1 0x4A IND_ACC_ADDR
0x00B2 0x3F IND_ACC_DATA
0x00F0 0x5F FPD3_TX_ID0
0x00F1 0x55 FPD3_TX_ID1
0x00F2 0x42 FPD3_TX_ID2
0x00F3 0x39 FPD3_TX_ID3
0x00F4 0x35 FPD3_TX_ID4
0x00F5 0x33 FPD3_TX_ID5