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DS90UB947-Q1: ds90ub947-q1 and ds90ub948-q1 I2C Pass Through/I2C Pass Through All

Part Number: DS90UB947-Q1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DS90UB948-Q1

I have project using chip FPDLinkIII ds90ub947-q1 and ds90ub948-q1. I referenced about using I2C Pass Through or I2C Pass Through All function. I want to use I2C Pass Through function of ds90ub947-q1. I find in datasheet ds90ub947-q1.pdf and see DES ID register but I can not find any register to write DES Alias ID. Please help me how to configure it and descript to me about differential of I2C Pass Through vs I2C Pass Through All. Thanks very much!!!

  • Hi Le,

    On 94x SER there is no Alias for DES. You can write the DES register through DES address that will be automatically loaded into SER reg 0x06 through the BCC after LOCK is established.

    differential of I2C Pass Through vs I2C Pass Through All

    Pass Through—This I2C control enables communication with all the remote devices, whose device ID and corresponding device Alias fields is defined into the local device (Ser or Des).

    Pass Through All— This control enables all I2C transaction over the serial link that are not addressing the local device (Ser or Des).

    Please see this video: Infotainment (IVI) back channel basics

    If you have any questions further, please share the block diagram to clarify the system DS90UH947-Q1: Remote I2C command



  • Hi Josh,

    Thanks for your reply, but I still have some questions.

    1. In the document I see a connection model like below. So I wonder that if there isn't alias address register for DES, how to I can distinguish 2 deserialize that have same I2C address

    2. About I2C Pass Through All

    In this case, assuming that, I2C address are differential among Serializer (0x30), Deserializer (0x31) and Remote Slave (0x32). When I use I2C Pass Through All, if propagate an I2C message with address 0x32, can Remote Slave receiver this message?

    Hope to have help from you soon!!!

  • Hi Le,

    1. To clarify the configuration of your system, could you please share the exact chart of what you want? I just want to make sure if the replicate mode is feasible for your system. Note that 947 can act as a 1:2 repeater, meaning it can push the same video to two deserializers.
    2. Yes. You're right.



  • Okay, thanks for your help!!!