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TCAN4551-Q1: MCAN_INT_0 and MCAN_INT_1 lines

Part Number: TCAN4550

Dear TI,

which interrupts are represented by MCAN_INT_0 and MCAN_INT_1 lines, 

pls share if any document available, i have'nt found it in SLLU270(TCAN45xx Software User's Guide) and datasheet 

i need to set either GPIO0 or GPIO1 for busoff interrupt, kindly check 

  • Hello LS,

    The TCAN4550-Q1 uses the CAN FD Controller IP called MCAN that was developed by Bosch.  Not all of the documentation for MCAN could be duplicated in the TCAN4550 datasheet so I would recommend you use the MCAN User's Manual published by Bosch as a supplement to the information published by TI for the TCAN4550. (Link)

    The only different to note is that the TCAN4550 has added an offset of 0x1000 to each of the MCAN registers.  For example the MCAN Control Register has address 0x18 in the Bosch User's Manual, but the TCAN4550 uses 0x1018 for this register address.  Any MCAN register simply needs to have a 0x10xx added to the address to make it align to the TCAN4550's address map.

    For the Interrupts, MCAN does have two separate interrupt lines that allows you to assign specific interrupt bits to each line.  First the interrupt bit must be enabled in the Interrupt Enable Register 0x1054 by setting a "1" to that interrupt bit.

    Then you will need to assign that interrupt signal to either the MCAN_INT_0 or MCAN_INT_1 line in the Interrupt Line Select register 0x1058 by writing either a "0" or "1" for the corresponding interrupt line to use.  By default all interrupt bits are assigned to MCAN_INT_0 and the register has a default value of 0x00000000.  Simply change the bits you want assigned to MCAN_INT_1 by writing a 1 to those bits.

    Then you will need to enable the MCAN_INT_0/1 lines in the Interrupt Line Enable register 0x105C.  By default both interrupt lines are disabled, so you will need to write a "1" to the lines you are using and want enabled.

    You will also need to make sure the GPO2_CONFIG, GPIO1_CONFIG, and GPIO1_GPO_CONFIG bits are configured in the Modes of Operation and Pin Configuration Register 0x0800 for the MCAN_INT functions.