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TSER953: TSER953

Part Number: TSER953

Hi Team,

I am using below mentioned poc circuit. I have some questions regarding that poc circuit.

My requirement for PoC circuit is:

Current= 500mA

Temperature rating= -20'C to 55'C

Frequency: 25MHz to 2.1GHz

Query 1: My current requirement is 500mA. Will this circuit support my current requirement for the required temperature range? if No please share suggesting which circuit i need to follow to match my requirements

In the mentioned document they said this circuit will work on only 250 mA on 105 C temperature rating.


Component used part no.:

FB1, FB5, FB6= BLM18HE152SZ1D

L1= ADM32FSC-100M

R4= CRCW06034K02FKEA

C40, C43 = GRM155R71E104KE14J

C41, C42 = GRM188R6YA106MA73D

Please let me know if you have any query.

  • Hello Krishnan,

    Although temp range does affect the current carrying capacity for these networks, that effect is small compared to the saturation behavior of the components, especially ferrite beads. So even if the temp range is reduced, that network is not suitable for 500mA. I would recommend selecting one of the networks from the PoC app note you linked which support 600mA or above to meet your requirement:

    The networks which support beyond your required frequency range such as 5MHz - 5GHz or 1MHz to 5GHz would be suitable to also work for 25MHz - 2.1GHz

    Best Regards,


  • Thank you Casey,

    I have one more question,

    let's suppose we select the tdk network 5 they only remove the ferrite beads and add one more inductor so that the extra inductor will work as a higher current in higher temperatures and the frequency range has also increased. Am I correct??

  • Krishan,

    Each network here was tuned specifically to meet good impedance over the working bandwidth of the FPD-Link. The component selection is based on a variety of factors including inductance, SRF, and saturation characteristics. Changing any component in the network can dramatically shift the performance of the total network sometimes in ways that aren't immediately obvious without performing simulation using a combined network of all the s-parameter files. I would suggest not to make any changes to the networks provided here.

    If there is a specific need for a network which can't be met by one of the pre-existing ones we have provided, then you can share the requirements that you have with us (i.e. working current range, temp range, size, etc.) and we can investigate other solutions but wherever possible we suggest to stick with the pre-validated networks. 

    Best Regards,