[FAQ] TUSB8041A: Debug procedure if TI TUSB80xx or TUSB40xx hub can not be detected by USB host

Part Number: TUSB8041A

1: Check power on reset sequence waveform for 3.3v ,1/1v and GRSTz pin and see if  it meets hub power on reset sequence timing

2: Check voltage on USB_VBUS pin and see if the voltage is around 0.5v

3: Check if the crystal is oscillating  after upstream port is connected to host

4: Do not enable SMBUSz with a pulldown unless a SMBUS host is used, otherwise the hub will hang waiting for configuration

5: Do not connect SDA/SCL to an on-board I2C bus unless it will be used

6: Do not leave blank EEPROMs connected to the hub if not used, the hub will enter a programming mode.

7: Please make sure the  layout incorporates the thermal pad as shown in the datasheet.

8: If you still have issue, please submit E2E ticket with schematic to review