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TUSB7320 mini PCIe

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Hi All

I am currently working on integrating the TUSB7320 to be able to transfer data to a HDD.

I have sucessfully used the TUSB7320EVM board to connect and acheive the data rate that I require.

But we currently require a mini PCIe version of the PCB to be able to integrate into a small form factor PC.

Could TI tell me if i can avail the design files and layout files for the EVM built around the TUSB7320 or TUSB7340. The User guide mentions that the layout files can be procured if requested. ( I understand that this could be the PCB layout files designed in OrCAD).

Also if TI has already started building the mini PCIe version of this device, then could I get an estimate of how long before we see the product.

Are there any impeding issues to take the design and convert it to a miniPCIe version. Eg (data rate or any high speed design issues that might creep in when this design is converted to a miniPCIe version).

Another option is to connect the miniPCIe version using a bridge to the PCIe board. 

Any other thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Kindly excuse me if i have not explained clearly.

Thank you

  • Hello Joseph,

    Please send me an email  to send you the schematic.


  • Hi Elias 

    Do you mean the schematics and the pcb layout file 

    I am using altium to design the pcb file.

    Thank you

  • Hi All

    I have implemented a min PCIe card with a TUSB7320 chip based on the reference design provided on the datasheet. (sllu146a.pdf), 

    TUSB7320/TUSB7340 EVM User's Guide

    I am using it to connect to a TUSB9261 chip through to a SATA hard disk.

    I am using  windows embedded Standard 7 OS  on a mother board thatsupports mini PCIE Gen 2 slots.

    I have installed the following driver( The latest available)

    Texas Instruments xHCI Driver v1.12.24 ( Multilanguage - WHQL )

    When i power the mother board up with the mini PCIe card plugged in with no other connections, The chip TUSB7320 is recognized by the OS but the chip seems to get quite hot rapidly, unable to measure the current accurately  when it is plugged into the mother board.

    i had measured the current drawn by just powering 3.3 V to the card ( not connected to the mother board ) and it was drawing about 400mA to 450mA.( almost as if it seems to be actively transferring data to 2 ports although i do not have any device connected to it. I am not too concerened about this test since it was not plugged into a mini PCie slot so , the chip could have been in an unknown state.

    What is more concerning is that when i connect the host to the motherboard and then using an LVDS connector i connect the host to a pair of  TUSB9261 chips and hard disks.

    The hard disks are recognized but not always , By resetting the TUSB 9261 chip i am able to see how many times the drives are recognized and the recognition is random , Once i see a drive iam able to write and read quite nicely ( not the fastest speed but about 35MBytes p second.

    I have confirmed that the board that uses the TUB9261 chip connects well to the TUSB 7340 reference board bought from TI.

    So there is something not right on the mini PCIe card, and i am requesting for help in where to look first.


    When is the high temperature version of the TUSB7320 chip going to be available.

    the frequency of detecting the hard disk improved when i moved away from the driver Texas Instruments xHCI Driver v1.12.18 (  WHQL - Multilanguage). So thats a step, what has changed from build 18 to build 24.

    Thank you


  • Hello,

    Can you send your schematics and layout for review.

    Is the miniPCIe-TUSB7340 always recognized without the TUSB9261 attached?


  • Hi Elias

    Thank you for your help with the schematics and design for the mini PCIecard

    I have finally got it working and am able to see Super Speed on the link with the 9261 reference board.

    But when i touch the chip it is hotter than what it should be,

    When i measure the current across the 3.3V i see about 350mA even when there are no devices connected.

    Could this heat be due to the fact that the mini PCIe card is smaller than the PCIe device and thats why the heat dissipation is slower.

    Also could you please tell me when the industrial rated part will become available.

    Thank you

  • I have been using Texas Instruments xHCI Driver v1.12.24 ( Multilanguage - WHQL ) driver on the windows embedded image to control 4 hard disks

    2 each connected to 2 mini PCIe cards with TUSB7320 chips on them, the SATA side is connected to TUSB9261 chips with 0.99 firmware on them.

    I have been using them quite sucessfully for the past few months and now decided to update the driver to Texas_Instruments_xHCI_Driver_v1.16.2.0_WHQL_(Multilanguage)

    Now whenever i start the PC i can see only 2 drives

    one of the mini PCIe card does not connect to the sata drives.

    If i disable both the controllers from Device Manager and reenable them , i see all the drives again,

    but everytime i start the PC i miss one of the mini PCIE cards.

    I have rolled back to the old driver and the problem goes away which make me ask the question , what has changed in the new driver for me to see this issue, 

    I am not using superspeed in this application i only have usb 2.0 connected.

    Your reply will be appreciated.

    Thank you

  • Hello Clifford,

    we haven't been able to reproduce the issue, we don't have problems either with driver v1.12.24 or v1.16.2.0

    Can you give more information that help us to reproduce the issue? Operating system, drives specs, power up sequence, TUSB9261's FW version, etc.


  • Hi

    I am using a SN65LVPE502CP EVM and when i checked with the schematic mentioned in PAge 14 of the SN65LVPE502CP EVM user guide schematic sheets they show only four caps on the 

    but the Evaluation board has caps on all the lines

    Could you please send me the updated schematics specific for this board 


    Thank you

  • Hi

    We have been using the TUSB7320 on a mini Pcie connecteed to two TUSB9261 SATA to USB chips which are connected to two hard drives.

    If we make one hard drive unusable( dislocate the header ) then we see a problem,

    The other hard drive(good) does not come up on the windows machine, We are able to see the USB Mass Storage displayed on device manager but we cannot see the drive.

    Is there a way we can disable the "bad" channel and use only one channel on the TUSB7320 chip,

    Also is there any tool available to sniff the protocol packets happening during the initial connection establishment.

    We have seen that when we try to boot up the machine with this configuration of one bad drive and one good drive, The system hangs and never boots up.

    Could you please help. We need to be able to disable the connection if a drive corrupts or breaks so that the system can continue to boot.

    Thank you

  • We have just upgraded the TUSB9261 driver from 0.99 to 1.02

    And the troubles have disappeared.

    Could you please provide some sort of release notes from 0.99 to 1.02,

    Just to confirm that it will not impact something that we have already tested on our system.