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SN65LVPE502 Optimal DE, EQ, and OS Settings

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Does TI have recommended settings for the SN65LVPE502 DE, EQ, and OS for the cable-side? Based on the USB 3.0 spec, the best settings appear to be:

OS: NC for 1000mVppd nominal, as per USB 3.0 spec 1Vppd nominal requirement.

DE: NC for -3.5dB de-emphasis, as per USB 3.0 spec -3.5dB de-emphasis nominal requirement.

EQ: ? Since receive equalization training/setting is normally dynamic and cable dependent, what is the recommended single fixed EQ setting to use on the SN65LVPE502 to accommodate USB 3.0 cable lengths of 1m, 2m, and 3m?

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  • Hello Kris,

    In addition to the cable length, what are the input and output trace lengths? Are they constant?


  • Hello,

    The input and output trace lengths are constant:

    a. USB 3.0 connector-side of re-driver: approx 12mm trace length.

    b. Other side of re-driver: approx 50mm trace length.



  • Hello Kris,

    Please see the below comments from our experts.


    "We don’t have a separate document with trace/cable length suggestions.  Based on the information below, I think setting EQ to 0dB with option to use 7dB would be best on both sides(Especially connector side).  Also, OS setting can be default along with DE (0dB).  I would suggest adding the optional resistors to fine-tune and settings (The connector side may need some tweaking with the cables added).


    The customer should also switch to the SN65LVPE502A if possible (Please note the Host/Device direction change).  There are a few errata associated with the 502CP that could potentially cause some issues"