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Sync DP83630 with Grandmaster Clock

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I am trying to synchronize a clock from DP83630 (mounted on DP83630-EVK) with a GrandMaster Clock.

Through Ethernet port on DP83630-EVK I am receiving correct PTPv2 Ethernet frames. Checked by WireShark.
I am using a small part of EPL C library (epl_1588.c functions) to program DP83630. I am trying to extract the GrandMaster-Clock-seconds information from the incoming Ethernet frames. I am doing this by using PTPGetReceiveTimestamp() function from epl_1588.c. Instead of returning a value from the frame (Epoch: ~13800000), which corresponds to GrandMaster Clock, this function returns the number of seconds from the moment I have programed the DP83630.

  • Am I wrong to expect the function PTPGetReceiveTimestamp() to return the number of seconds from GrandMaster Clock from the incoming Ethernet frame?
  • What is the easiest way to sync DP83630 to a GrandMaster Clock?
  • Do I need to be able to transmit timestamps for synchronization?

More information:

- I am programming the DP83630 by an FPGA based embedded system through MDIO interface
- I have been able to: read and write the DP83630 registers, read and set the clock, enable triggers

    PTPClockSetRateAdjustment( pEPL_HANDLE, 0, FALSE, FALSE);
    PTPClockSet( pEPL_HANDLE, 1, 0);
    PTPSetClockConfig( pEPL_HANDLE, CLKOPT_CLK_OUT_EN, 0x0A, 0x00, 8);
    PTPEnable( pEPL_HANDLE, TRUE);

    PTPSetTriggerConfig ( pEPL_HANDLE, 1, flags, 2);
    PTPArmTrigger( pEPL_HANDLE, 1, 2, 0, FALSE, FALSE, 500000000, 0);

    flags = TXOPT_TS_EN | TXOPT_IPV4_EN | TXOPT_L2_EN;
    PTPSetTransmitConfig(pEPL_HANDLE, flags, 2, 0, 0);
    PTPSetReceiveConfig(pEPL_HANDLE, flags, &myRxCfg);