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DS90UR906 Used in DS90UR241compatible mode

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Please advice me answernig to the questions bellow.

Q1. When DS90UR906 is configured in DS90UR241 compatible mode,
       which input of  DS90UR241 (DIN[23:0] is corresponding to the
        output of DS90UR906 (R[7:0], G[7:0], B[7:0])?

Q2. Is CONFIG0 mapped to pin #10?

Q3. DS90UR906 has MAP_SEL[1:0] pins.
      The description in Taqble 11 of the datasheet is not clear to me.
      Can you explain how the data is converted when MAP_Sel[1:0]
     are set 00, 01, 10 and 11 respectively?


  • Mita-san,

    Q1: It is mapped sequentially - R, G, B. R[7:0] is DIN[7:0], G[7:0] is DIN[15:8] and B[7:0] is DIN[23:16].

    Q2: CONFIG0 is pin 9 of the 906. This can be seen on the pin diagram on page 7 of the datasheet.

    Q3: If the input is 6-bit RGB data (18 bits total), the map_sel bits allow the deserializer options for how to pad the remaining 2 bits to get back to 8-bit data. The 6-bit data will appear on the upper 6 MSB's, with the 2 LSB's left free. The first option is to have bits 4 and 5 mirrored on the LSB bits. Another option is to fill the LSB's with 00 or 11, depending if the actual data has any 1's in it (00 if the data is all 0's, 11 if there are any 1's). The last option is to fill the LSB's with 00.

    I hope this helps. Thanks!


  • Hason-san,

    Thank you for the answers. I can clearly undersantd them.