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TPS65982: TPS65982-EVM and HD3SS460EVM-SRC

Part Number: TPS65982
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: , HD3SS460


I am trying to connect a LG Ultrafine 4k(USB C in) with a regular GPU Displayport Output.

I wired CC lines GND and Vbus as well as HPD of the two board together I also tried connecting EN/POL/Amsel with GPIO0-2.

The TPS65982-EVM Leds indicated CC orientation, successfull displayport and pvdr@5v using either mode 8 or 9.

Unfurtunatly did none of those things work yet for video, I do get USB connection with the monitor.

I tried flashing/reading the TPS65982-EVM with a USB-C to A cable, which also did not work, but should not be necessary as far as I understand it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Ferdinand,

    Can you share the Displayport Configuration you used on the TPS65982 EVM? This will help with my suggestions.

    Thank you,
  • Hey Eric,

    you mean the Displayport Settings in the Customization Tool? Unfortunatly I did not manage to import settings from TPS65982-EVM or flash it (Exception Error).
    I only have a USB-C to A cable (which as I understood from the manual is a possibility), not the FTDI or Aardvark adapter.
    So I only have the dip switches on the TPS65982 EVM for configuratioin, and as I said, ID 8&9 negotiate Dp alt mode with success.

    thank you for your help,
  • Hey Eric,

    I further worked on this and still dont understand how there is no video although the TPS65982 EVM entered dp alt mode and HPD is wired to GPIO4.

    Also please tell me which pins have to be wired together and what are the firmware default configuration for the GPIOs I need to connect.

    I really urgently need to get this working and it does not matter for now if I set POl, Amsel, EN manually on the HD3SS460EVM.

    Thank you

  • Hi Ferdinand,

    You will have to connect Amsel, Polarity, and Enable to the HD3SS460EVM to control the mux with the TPS65982. You will also need to take HPD from the monitors connection to the TPS65982 for the 82 to detect the monitor connection.
    It it also important to have the 82 configured as a DFP_D or UFP_D for the correct display port setting.

    Thank you,
  • Hey Eric,

    yes I wired those pins together, without success. Are those the correct default GIPOs EN -> GPIO1, AMSEL -> GPIO0, POL -> GPIO2?
    The pins leading to these GIPOs on the TPS65982 EVM were not populated, I soldered the gaps together.
    I also wired HPD from the HD3SS460EVM HPD_OUT to GPIO4 .
    The mode I chose is ID 8 and 9, both support DFP_D.
    Where is my mistake?

    Thank you for the help,
  • Hi Ferdinand,

    Any luck with DP video?

  • Hey Jeffrey,

    actually, yes. It does work. I had to solder the gaps of AUX_P & AUX_N and wire them to the HD3SS460EVM.

    Also HDP and CC1&CC2 must be soldered & connected.

    I set Amsel, EN and POL manually, I dont know which GPIOs they are set to.

    I also soldered a jumper that was not populated on the TPS65982EVM to supply it with 5V from the HD3SS460, it all works from the micro USB input now.

    I took me a quite a while to get there, but it does work flawlessly now.

    best regards,