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SN65LVPE502: USB3.0 Compliance test

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Part Number: SN65LVPE502
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TUSB522P

About USB3.0 Compliance test for SN65LVPE502, please let me know about two points below condition;

①Should SN65LVPE502 set to Compliance mode for pass the USB3.0 compliance test?

 (Can't Normal mode pass the USB3.0 compliance test?) 

②If ① is yes, is there occur problem by setting Normal mode? 

 (ex. Test is not start, test is start but signal error, etc)

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  • The SN65LVPE502 should be put into compliance mode to pass the USB3.0 compliance test. The compliance mode the SN65LVPE502 will have its output turned on even though it does not detect a downstream device. If the compliance test is performed while not in compliance mode the SN65LVPE502 will not turn on its output on. 

  • Michael-san

    Thank you for reply,

    Please let me confirm about compliance mode on loop back mode.
    Is compliance mode become loopback mode in internal Re-driver?
    I worry about compliance mode can't arrive data to Host side by internal loopback.

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  • the LVPE502 does not do loopback mode." I worry about compliance mode can't arrive data to Host side by internal loopback." i do not understand your question.
  • Michael-san

    Sorry for confuse,
    Customer is evaluating compliance test.
    But, when they set compliance mode, their PC occurred "usb device is not recognized".
    (Normal mode is no problem)

    Customer is investigating the cause.

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  • Where is the LVPE502 in application is it in a USB device or in a USB host?
  • Configuring the LVPE502 in compliance mode will always enable the Rx termination of the device, when this is enabled the Host will detect the termination of the LVPE502 (Even with no device attached) and begin polling to start the handshake with the device, with no device attached the handshake fails and the message in Windows appears.  The actual compliance testing can be run with the LVPE502 in normal mode with no issues.

    The LVPE502 is an older devices, for new designs we would recommend using the TUSB522P which has several design improvements for interop and compliance.

  • Thank you for reply,

    Customer hoped to know related difference for Compliance mode and Normal mode.
    I appreciate your answer.

    About USB application and connection;
    ・USB Host: Intel C612 controller (internal chipset)
    ・Application: USB3.0×2port, USB2.0×4port
     (USB3.0)Chipset ⇔ Re-Driver (SN65LVPE502) ⇔ Choke coil ⇔ USB3.0 connector
     (USB2.0)Chipset ⇔ Choke coil ⇔ USB2.0 connector

    Is this USB error influence by Compliance mode, is this guess correct?

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  • yes the error is influenced by the LVPE502 compliance mode like Undrea said above.