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TPS65982: TPS65982 PD accompanied with HD3SS460 mux.

Part Number: TPS65982
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: HD3SS460,

Hello team,

we are using TPS65982 PD IC together with HD3SS460 mux.

1) Which config would you recommend to have both USB3.1 and video out? Is it only pin assignment D, when both USB and video works?

2) What kind of cables do you recommend to use for pin assignment D? Is it only full featured USB Type C cable? Or we can use USB-C 3.1 cable?

p.s. link to EVK -

  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    You can use "TPS65982_HD3SS460_DRP_Host_Advanced" config to start with and then can modify it to suit your requirement.

    USB can co-exist with 2 lane DP in modes B, D and F.

    You need to use full-featured USB Type-C cable to use DP functionality. USB will work with any Type-C cable.

    Let me know if this helps answer your question or not! If so, please click This resolved my issue.


  • Hi again, we observe some instability issues with HDMI video in next cases:

    1) MUX configured as CD or ABCDEF - video doesnt work when flipping usb-c connector at Macbook side.

    2) MUX configured as C only - video works stable, even with flipping the connector, but USB works in USB 2.0 mode only.

    3) MUX configured as BCD - video works stable, even with flipping the connector, but PD doesn't work... no charge to the MacBook.

    Please, support us with searching for the right solution - we need to get video + USB3.0 + charge the makbook. We really need some help, because we have stopped production of 1500units now.

  • Thank you Rahul, so much, for you rapid reply. But we still need the support.
  • Hi Mike,

    I am assuming that by MUX configured you mean that the PD controller's is configured to support those DP modes.

    The condition 2 is expected as Mode C corresponds to 4 lane DP and therefore USB 3.0 will not work. This happens because all the SS lines are used for DP and there's no line remaining to establish USB 3.0 communication.

    Please provide us the PD logs for condition 1 and 3 to analyze it further. You can use Lecroy to take logs.

  • Hello Rahul, yes, you're absolutely right, indeed I meant PD chip, not mux. Unfortunately we are currently on the assembly line (stopped) and we don't have such equipment on our side. What can we do to provide you with more information? We only have 300MHz oscilloscope.

    Thanks a lot for the support.

  • Hi Mike,

    Unfortunately, you can't do much with just an oscilloscope as we can only see the transitions in signals. What I would like is a analyzer which can decode this signal and clearly shows what's going on at PD level.

  • Hi Rahul,

    Which model of the analyzer do you use, we will try to substitute with less expensive one. However, we have had little progress, by trying different combinations of the configuration, so far.

    Thank you for support.

  • Hi Mike,

    You can use a Total Phase PD analyser.

  • Hi, thank you very much for support. For now, the issue is resolved.
  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the update.