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TINA/Spice/TPD4E02B04-Q1: require SI performance data over temperature and humidity

Part Number: TPD4E02B04-Q1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TINA-TI

Tool/software: TINA-TI or Spice Models

I am looking for SI performance data over -40 degC to +125degC and 0-100% R.H. this is an automotive part.

the high speed link on which this part is used must work over this range.

the ESD clamp appears as a capacitor. I expect this to vary over temperature and humidity.

I also expect the package will have an effect at higher frequencies and will vary over environmental conditions.

specifics details required:

the data should cover from DC to 20GHz.  (or 30-40 psec risetime).

if provided as RLC models these would have to represent the circuit effect over this frequency range.

including the ground connections and package effects.

 s-parameter models also work.

this data should cover through data,  reflected data and crosstalk between channels.

the channels share a ground connection, which will create crosstalk between channels.

this will allow the performance of this device to be evaluated in my circuit over the

full operational range of the circuit.

could you also review your existing s-parameter model for this part.

It is missing crosstalk information. It is not passive and has reciprocity errors.



  • Hey Craig-

    All of our current parts model behavior over the full operating temperature range but not over humidity, though we expect the variation over humidity to be very small. The device parameters in the datasheet and s-param models all contain the package information, so that has already been accommodated for. I will check into the existing model, thank you for that feedback.

    What speed signal are you expecting to use in this case? If you could share some details, we might be able to check and confirm that there will be no attenuation issues.

  • the application is PCIe gen3. the performance needs to be verified in entire channel simulation, which includes insertion loss, return loss and crosstalk.
    the data sheet values for capacitance are for Ta = 25 deg Celsius.
    what conditions does the typical/max capacitance values represent?
    what are the capacitance values over temperature range and device tolerance?
    what environmental conditions does the s-parameter model represent?
    the s-parameter model and data sheet capacitance values do not provide the same electrical response. they sort of align for time domain, but only in one direction (which seems odd). the frequency domain does not agree. (either in insertion loss or return loss). this may be a model configuration issue. I have to assume the way the data sheet capacitance values are to be used.