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DS90UB960-Q1EVM: Queries about EVM

Part Number: DS90UB960-Q1EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: USB2ANY


We have a few queries about the 960 EVM, which could not get resolved after reading the user manual.

Requesting inputs on the below.

1. Since the 960 is a dual hub, can we have a configuration, in which we can connect 4 SRV cameras and one HD front view camera to the same EVM?
Can it handle this bandwdith?
Will this be a tree kind of structure?

How to connect more than 4 cameras, since it has 8 CSI data lanes?

2. Is the Quad Mini-Fakra to 4x Single FAKRA cable assembly included in the EVM kit?

3. We understand that the 953 is compatible with this EVM.

Can you suggest any cameras which are directly have an FPD-Link III interface, and are compatible with 960?

4.Where can we buy the USB2Any along with the cables? does it come with the kit? Does TI provide it?

5. Do, we also need to buy the  Aardvark I2C/SPI host adapter p/n TP240141, or only the USB2ANY is sufficient?


a.How the 4 FPD-Link III data gets distributed over the two CSI ports? this configurable via the USB2ANY?
c.How to configure the lanes per CSI 2 port?

d. Is it a totally configurable option, or does the standard impose any requriements?

e. For example, if we connect only one camera, but still want the data to be distributed across lanes, is this configuration possible? Does the standard mandate any type of distribution?
f. the data rate is also scale able, 400 Mbps/800 Mbps/1.2 Gbps/1.6 Gbps per data lane. How is this selected?How will we select the data rate and the channels and the CSI 0/1 , if we want to interface a particular sensor, or if we want to connect some other source like the 949 ( HDMI to FPD-Link III)

g. The J1, J3 are the QSH connectors. The J2 is a QTH connector. So can the J2 be directly connected to the TDA2Px?

h.Can you also provide the power supply? Or can you recommend any power supply?

i. If we connec the TDA2Px host over the CSI 0/1, then as we understand, we do not need to connect the I2C master (Aardvard), and the host (TDA2Px) can write data to each sensor connected to the hub, even if it is a tree kind of a structure. Is this correct?

Kindly let us know the above. 

Want to get it cleared before purchasing.

Thanks and Regards

Archit Adwant

  • 1. No, the 960 EVM can only take in 4 serializers which equals to 4 cameras.  Please take a look at 960 datasheet Typical Application Schematic.

    2. No this is not included in the kit.

    3. Please check with D3 engineering or Leopard imaging. They offer camera modules that's compatible with 960 EVM


    5. 960 EVM actually has a USB2ANY on the EVM. You just need a USB to microUSB cable to talk to it.

    6. The configurations are done through writing the device registers via I2C (through processor or USB2ANY). Please take a look at 960 datasheet. These questions are answered by 960 datasheet.

    6.f. 949 is not compatible with 960

    6.g. Yes, QSH mates with QTH connector. If TDA2Px has QTH connector, you can directly connect them. Please make sure the connectors are aligned.

    6.h. No power supply in not include din the kit.

    6.i Yes.

    Best Regards,

    Charley Cai