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TVP5150AM1: Video output jitter of TVP5150AM1

Part Number: TVP5150AM1

TVP5150AM1 is converted and sent to the main control platform. Then the video will jitter up and down.

Excuse me, what is the suggested solution?

Thank you!

Format: NTSC, PAL

  • Hi Ray,

    Refer to the below e2e post.


  • So TI will no technology support for this part? thanks! 

  • Ray,

    Support for these devices is extremely limited.

    What I can suggest you is to search into the technical documents (datasheet, user guide. appl notes):

    You can also search into e2e for similar questions and answers.


  • Ray,

    There are many possible causes of this issue.

    First, check that there isn't an analog synchronization issue (loss of video lock) by reading the video lock status bits (register 88h).

    Bit 4 will indicate if the analog video has lost lock at any point since last reading this register (i.e. this register bit clears on read). If this bit reads as '1' multiple times then there is an issue with the analog input video source.

    The next thing to note is that the TVP5150AM1 does not contain any memory so it is impossible for it to directly cause the output video to jump up/down. What is more likely happening is that your beck end processor is not correctly synchronizing to the TVP output syncs.

    The first thing to check is that your design is meeting the setup/hold requirements of your back end processor. You can check this with an oscilloscope, triggering on the rising edge of the SCLK signal on one oscilloscope channel then check each of the YOUT data bits in turn with persistence enabled to check the output eye diagram. From this you should be able to check that the timings meet the input requirements for your target back end processor. (i.e. check the setup/hold times).

    Kind regards,