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TPS6598X-CONFIG: USB-C-PD-DUO-EVM: Error Message when trying to set voltage threshold as sink contract

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Part Number: TPS6598X-CONFIG
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: USB-C-PD-DUO-EVM, TPS65981, TPS65982

Hello Team,

when trying to set "Voltage Threshold as Sink Contract" on the USB-C-PD-DUO-EVM this error message appears:

Exception Encountered during Spinbox Update: <type 'exceptions.AssertionError'>

This is not documented in the user's guide.

Can you help, please?

Thanks and Best Regards,


  • Hans,

    Could you provide the Application Customization GUI tool version that you are using?



  • Hello Atiq,

    the tool was downloaded last week, and the "About" dialog says:

    TPS65981_2_6_7_8 Application Customization Tool

    GUI Version : 6.1.1

    Date of release : 10th October, 2019

    Supported Devices:

    TPS65981 : 1.12.09

    TPS65982 : 1.12.09

    TPS65986 : 1.12.09

    TPS65987DDH : F707.10.08

    TPS65988DH : F707.10.08

    Best regards,


  • Hi Hans,

    Would you be able to elaborate on how you are seeing the error message? What do you mean by Voltage Threshold as Sink Contract? Are you trying to bits 40:47 within register 0x28? Are you trying to set a GPIO event to a specific GPIO? If so, what is the name of the event and what GPIO are you using?

    Finally, are you seeing the error message as soon as you make the change within the GUI or does it occur once you start to program the device?

  • Hello Adam,

    The error can be reproduced by following these steps:

    * Start new TPS65987DDH project

    * Choose "Standard Template"

    * Choose "Upstream Facing Port (UFP) Only"

    * Go to "Port Settings" tab

    * Select "Port Configuration"

    * Under "Port Configuration (0x28)", change the field "Voltage Threshold as Sink Contract" to a non-zero value (e.g. 1)

    => A popup window occurs: "Exception"

    Exception Encountered during Spinbox Update:

    <type 'exceptions.AssertionError'>

    * If "Show Details" is clicked:

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "qtRegisterClassExtensions.pyc", line 516, in unit_spin_callback

    File "register_class.pyc", line 358, in setFromInt

    File "register_class.pyc", line 393, in privateSetFromInt


  • Hi Toralf,

    Thank you for the detailed explanation, I was able to see the same error message on my end. I'll reach out to the team responsible for the configuration tool, and share with them this issue.

    In the meantime, you can progress with your project by using the advanced template instead of the standard. The process would be very similar:

    * Start new TPS65987DDH project

    * Choose "Advanced Template"

    * Choose "Upstream Facing Port (UFP) Only"

    * Go to "Port Settings" tab

    * Select "Port Configuration"

    * Now change "Programable Voltage Threshold" to whatever voltage you are wanting to set your device to.

    Hope this helps answer your question