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Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TCA6416A, MSP-EXP430G2ET

I have populated the IO Expander EVM with the TCA6416A IC. The eval board is connected to the launchpad. However, none of the LED's light up even with changing the P00-P17 values from OUT/ IN. The voltage reading on P00 at the chip shows 3.3V however, the LED is still off. Jumpers for J5 and J6 are in the OUT configuration. Jumpers for J11 and J12  are in the IN Configuration. 

  • Hey Blesson,

    "The voltage reading on P00 at the chip shows 3.3V however, the LED is still off."

    From the schematic P00 needs to be driven to GND inorder to turn the LED on if the jumpers are connected correctly (not 3.3V) as the LED is tied to Vcc.

    1) Are you able to probe the SDA/SCL lines of the EVM on an o-scope to see if the device is seeing I2C communication?

    2) What Rev version of the MSP430 are you using?


  • It looks like when I ty to flash the MSP430, it gives the error "Could not set the device VCC". I am using the MSP-EXP430G2ET. The users guide uses the MSP-EXP430G2. Probing the SDA line it is high. I have set the jumpers on the MSP430 based on the user guide.

  • Hey Blesson,

    I am thinking that the MSP430 you are using may be incompatible with the GUI installer since the GUI was meant to interface with version 1.5 of the MSP430G2.

    Would it be possible for you to set up the MSP430 to send I2C commands directly to the EVM through the SDA/SCL pins instead? (You would need to download code composer studio)