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TVS1400: inrush current

Part Number: TVS1400

TVS1400DRVR is used on the power line of the power connector (hot plug).

When the power is turned on with the hot plug, the inrush current will increase if the TVS1400DRVR is used.(As much as with a 1uF capacitor)

When the TVS1400DRVR is removed, the inrush current becomes smaller.

The data sheet states that the TVS1400DRVR has a low capacity (120pF), so I thought it would not affect the inrush current, but it wasn't.

Can you see why the inrush current is so high when using the TVS1400DRVR?

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  • Hello Yasuhara,

    This is probably happening because your slew rate is too high. If you look at section 8.5.3 on page 10 of the datasheet, it explains that you need to keep your slew rate below 2.5 V/us at room temperature to prevent additional dynamic leakage current. 

    Here is also a graph from page 8 of the datasheet showing how the dynamic leakage current changes for a given slew rate at different temperatures. 

    If changing the slew rate doesn't help with your issue, let me know. Otherwise, please mark this thread as resolved by clicking the green button.


    Matt Smith